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The story of Company was happening in front of our eyes, thisstory about how two young graduate Stanford students, who haverevolutionized the life of the modern generation.

The world lives in the era of technological revolution. Over the past25 years, the processors in computers have become three thousandtimes faster, the price for RAM fell in 30 thousand times, and forhard drives – in 3.6 million times. The invention of can becompared to the invention of the wheel. Today, after time, it isunclear how it was possible to search on the Internet before theadvent of . Like everything brilliant, the search engineis a very simple thing.

is a web search engine used to browse the internet by millionsof applies the use of hypertext to present information tothe clients using it. Its design helps it crawl the internetefficiently and produce results which are satisfying according towhat is being searched. provides more than 24 million pages inits database thus contains nearly everything the user wants to knowmore about concerning a specified search. The creation of searchengines is a hard task that requires a lot of knowledge andcreativity so as to make it user-friendly. As time progresses, searchengines continue becoming more diverse thus the call forre-engineering to counter the amount of information they store andhow they work. As time progresses, web search engines changedrastically both in quality and usability. Creating an appropriatesearch engine is a hard task that requires a lot of expertise. A goodwebsite is characterized by some storage facilities it has, theefficiency, how fast the engine is and also safety measures it has inprotecting the privacy of the user. Information provided should bevalid.

has different goals it has in place to fulfill. The main goalfor is to push for more development and also delve more intothe academic field. Another goal is to build a system that a vastnumber of people can use. It is important as researches have becomemore common thus availability of leverage information is a highpriority. As much as there is a lot of information on the website, it’s hard to acquire it as most people have commercializedtheir domains thus users are required to pay for the informationfirst before acquiring it. Other goals adhered to in the design of are the provision of a web structure that supports novelresearch activities involving large scale data and also setting up alab which creates an environment conducive for students andresearchers to do experiments concerning large scale data. The search engine has different features to enable its application as aninformation tool. The most important features are the use of linkstructure to compute the ranking of a particular web page and alsothe utilization of links to improve on the results provided for aspecified query. The ranking of a website in the search engineindicates how important it is to users. Utilization of specifickeywords help in arriving at the correct answer, and this is analyzedand rated by the page rank system.

has several other features apart from the two stated above.First, it provides a location for all searches thus allowingextensive use of proximity in searching. also provides asystem that keeps track of visual presentation details and lastly auser can view the full and raw HTML of pages at this are held in therepository. runs in a simple yet precise way. Its architectureis mostly enabled and created by use of c and c++ language forefficiency and can be driven in most viewing components. Web crawlingin this website is made possible by application of a few distributedweb crawlers. First, an URL server sends search queries which arecollected and stored in the store server. The web pages are thencompressed and saved in the repository. This information has IDsassigned to each URL, and this indexing is carried out by use of anindexer of the sorter (Rousseau 2010). The architectureprovides data structures which are optimized to enable crawling ofvast document collections with little costs. Big files offer apackage that handles allocation of file descriptions since operatingsystems have little provisions for the need of the clients.

Today, has ceased to be exclusively a part of American lifeand culture. 67% of Internet users live outside the U.S., for 77% ofthe Internet audience, English is not the native language. But all ofthem use for searching. That`s why is speaking manylanguages there more than a hundred living languages and dead (e.g.Latin), artificial (Esperanto) and fictional (the language of therace from planet Clinton from the TV series &quotStartrek&quot) inits arsenal. allows users to find information in any languageand use semantic technology to understand what it entails. Thecompany has reached an incredible price (66 billion. in 2014) fromscratch, without investing a penny in advertising of any kind (TV,radio, magazines, billboards, etc.), relying only on viral marketingand word of mouth.

Also, the main page of the site, being the most visited page on theInternet, where advertising regarding the pixel is worth crazy money,deliberately does not place any advertisements on the page and isincredibly profitable. The company logo is one of the mostrecognizable and, of course, the most expensive, it periodicallychanges in honor of the holidays (by the way, not state holidays),for example, on the occasion of the birthday of artist Edvard Munch.Having a massive turnover per one employee, allows them 20% oftheir working time to do what interests them, and feeds them lunch,puts in the cabinets with juices, nuts, allows to play Billiards andbring pets to the office (Alfonso III, 2011). So, this is the historyof the company, which decided to organize the world`s information andmake it universally accessible and useful for everyone. The company,which sets and solves the impossible task – simply because solvingsimple tasks is not exciting.


Today, is a real business empire, with dozens of differentassets in the Internet industry. Such online services like YouTubeand PlayMarket (application store of the operating system Android,the main competitor to the Apple’s AppStore). The company`s cut inthe international market of Internet search reaches 60%, and thetotal revenue already exceeds 66 billion dollars a year (,2015). Thus, despite its relative maturity, the global market ofInternet search still retains the significant potential for growth,and growth dynamics continues to be very high – the average growthrate of the market is still double-digit, and market size exceeded100 billion dollars. Thanks to the rapid development of Internettechnologies and intensive investment in the high-tech sector in theU.S. overall, today, American Internet companies occupy leadingpositions in the world in their respective segments.


Since 2001, has acquired many companies, mainly focusing onsmall venture capital companies. In 2004, acquired Keyhole,Inc. This startup has developed a product called Earth Viewer inwhich the satellite photos of the earth`s surface were placed. renamed the service into &quot Earth&quot in 2005. Two yearslater, bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars (La Monica,2015). On April 13, 2007, acquired one of the pioneers ofInternet advertising company DoubleClick for 3.1 billion dollarsgiving valuable relationships that DoubleClick had with webpublishers and advertising agencies. In the same year, purchased GrandCentral for $ 50 million. This service became thebasis for Voice. On August 5, 2009, bought the firstpublic company, a producer of software for video On2 Technologies for106.5 million. has also acquired social search engine Aardvarkfor $ 50 million. In April 2010 acquired start-up Agnilux.

In addition to numerous acquired companies, has collaboratedwith other organizations for a variety of purposes, from research toadvertising. In 2005, worked with the Ames Research Center(NASA office) for the construction of 93 thousand m2 of offices. Therooms were designed for research projects related to the managementof large datasets, nanotechnology, distributed computing and theentrepreneurial space industry. Also, the company collaborated withAOL for the mutual improvement of video search services. In the sameyear, along with other companies, including Microsoft, Nokia,and Ericsson, also funded a new top-level domain .mobi. Later, launched Adsense for mobile devices, taking advantage of the emergingmobile advertising market

In 2008, in conjunction with GeoEye launched a satellite toprovide Earth with high-resolution images. The satellite waslaunched from Vandenberg air force base on 6 September 2008. In thesame year, as a sign of `s partnership with Life magazine, theyhosted the archive of their photographs. Some of the pictures in therecords were never published in the magazine (, 2008). In2010, Energy made its first investment in the project ofdevelopment of renewable energy, having invested $ 38.8 million. Intwo wind farms in North Dakota. The company announced that they wouldgenerate 169,5 megawatts of power, enough to supply 55 thousandhouses. NextEra Energy Resources developed the plant sold a20 % stake in the project to obtain financing for its development.Also, in 2010, acquired the Norwegian company Global IPSolutions, a developer of web-teleconference. In the same year, completed the acquisition of a mobile network AdMob ads. InJuly 2010, signed a contract with Iowa wind farm about buying114 megawatts of energy for 20 years. In August 2011, it wasannounced that an agreement for a takeover by of MotorolaMobility (one of the two independent companies, formed by thedivision of Motorola), engaged in the release of mobile phones. Thetransaction cost was 12.5 billion. On May 22, 2012, the transactionwas completed. acquired Motorola Mobility, replacing the CEO(Womack, 2011).

WhatDoes ?

As already mentioned, the core business of is Internetsearching. The company`s share in the global market of Internetsearch is slightly less than 60%, and no other company in the worldcan boast with the same results. However, apart from the Internet search, there are hundreds of other services, in particularin the segment of B2B (business to business). Due to a large numberof assets, the management has managed to diversify its activities andto reduce risks from worsening market conditions significantly. Inparticular, companies such as YouTube, Emu Messenger, BostonDynamics, and Nest are owned by On average, the company aboutonce a week makes a transaction on the market of M&ampA. Therefore,in General, it can be said that is not just Internet search,but this is a business Empire with a diversified portfolio of assetsand innovative approach to solving various business problems.

has many features and product that are available to users.Research on what people want and their user experience help the team create products that satisfy the desires of individuals.Aside from the tremendous growth of search engines, the web has alsobecome more commercialized in the current world. Some of this toolsinclude the accessibility scanner, android os, chrome browser, chromeos, calendars, docs and many more others. Theaccessibility scanner is of use to application creators as it helpsidentify opportunities on how to improve their apps for users. Theandroid os is the most common as it is designed for use by all typesof has unique features that enable individuals with hearingproblems and other disabilities to use it.

Another feature of is finance. It’s a website thatprovides a platform for businesses to show their financial decisions,major news, and other business related information. This sitecontains stock information such as share prices, fluctuations in thisprices which are of use for people seeking information on the stockexchange. This site links to News to provide information abouteach cooperation though these links are deemed untrustworthy as theyare not screened. As time changes, continues to create a newversion of this features to fit the changing dimensions eachtechnology in the world.

Despite being the leading web crawling related company, thereare many risks for investing in its stock. Some problems facing itinclude costly regulations by different governments and alsoundiversified revenue sources. Laws based on internet fairness helpscurb web domination by providing a fair playing ground for otherupcoming competitors (Jarvis 2011). The United States of America areamong the countries that have this regulation. The FederalCommunications Commission (FCC) has regulations put in place forradio and television content thus limiting services offered bycompanies to their customers and stockholders. Returns on shares maystagnate if continues focusing on small returns venturesinstead of generating efficient revenue.

Mobile apps are replacing and other search engines as theworld progresses. lags behind regarding accessibility inmobiles. Smartphone users only need to click on an application toview required information instead of using and other searchengines. Companies like Apple and Facebook have more advantages inthe mobile platform thus increasing business allstocks get affected by different risks. thus faces many riskssuch as lawsuits, regulations by various governments, and itscontinued failure in the buying of the Motorola Company. Such affectsthe shareholders as too much negative news make them afraid ofinvesting more into the company.

has transformed the world in many ways. Recent researchesconclude that affects people in different ways. Theavailability of all kind of information make people lazy and veryforgetful as the brain is accustomed to searching the internet assoon as a tough question arise. owns the Android operatingsystem that currently claims 85 percent of the total market share andstill continues to take over the market. Provision of the Gmailfeature increases communication between people. Emails are notaffected by distance or speed and are very efficient. maps and street view are applications that enable people to travelaround their world by the use of their computers and phones. Theability to plan ahead by checking the prices, routes to use, and alsothe best modes of transport available leads to simplification of ourday to day lives. has also turned users to commodities. It`sevident as collects all the data available and stores it forfuture use. Some services are also accessible after making somepayments. has also changed people’s language. Unlike othersearch engines, the name has become so commonly used that faces the fear of losing its trademark rights.

The success of Company is attributed to strengths such ashaving a strong brand name, providing proprietary products,diversified functions and lastly its immense organizational size.It’s also affected by weaknesses such as less physical presence andthe overall dependence it has on the internet. Competitions withfirms which have a more physical presence are hard as it`s mostly anonline business. As much as it has the above weaknesses, there aremany opportunities that can tap into and utilize. canexploit the excess usage of mobile devices by providingmobile-friendly products. Expansion of its fiber coverage helps inthe generation of more income for the business. Based on research, can expect better performance if it checks into the specifiedareas and improves on them.

TheMain Trends of Development

Key company markets are in the USA and Europe. In particular, totalrevenue from the US market is more than 28 billion dollars, European– more than 20 billion (6.5 billion dollars UK market). Recently,the company tried actively to develop new promising markets –primarily in the CIS and South-East Asia. However, due to highcompetition in these regions, it is not yet possible to capturesignificant market share. In particular, in CIS countries, theleading position is occupied by the Russian Internet search engineYandex, in East and South-East Asia – Chinese Baidu.

In the context of primary segmental revenue, the business of sellingadvertising brings the biggest part. Other activities accounted forslightly more than 10% or a little less than 7 billion dollars. Itseems that the income risk of lower cash flow from this factor isminimal since the advertising market itself is multi-faceted anddiversified.


The financial results of are still more than positive. For thefiscal year 2014, total revenues exceeded $ 66 billion, which isalmost 20% more than the year before. Net profit at the same timeincreased just to 13.97 billion dollars, while in 2013 this figurereached 13.125 billion. Nevertheless, in the first quarter of fiscal2015, revenue was increased from 18% to $ 18.1 billion, and netincome even exceeded 4.75 billion, against $ 3.45 billion in the 1stquarter of the 2014 financial year. These results were significantlybetter than investors` expectations, which predicted a decline in thegrowth rate of economic indicators amid the slowdown in the globalmarket of Internet search in General. In the end, after releasing thereport on January 30, the company`s shares jumped in price by morethan 3.5% and closed slightly below $ 450 per share (,2015).

It can be said that ’s shares today remain very attractivefor purchase. With the crisis of 2009, the market capitalizationsoared more than 300% to 370 billion dollars or more. Even though therelative volatility of shares, as investments, they are still veryattractive. The risks of the securities are minimal because theprobability of default is virtually nonexistent due to the lack ofleverage, market risks look very modest. In the short term, thecompany’s shares also have some potential for growth.

TheGolden Rules of in the Field Of Work and Personnel Policies

The Corporationis based on the following terms and conditions in the area of workand staff policies:

The reception staff is specially collected by the Committee of 5-10people. This committee may include top managers and future colleaguesof the employee that is going to be hired. All interviews are heldand all opinions are taken into account. Though it is a longprocedure, however, the advantages are apparent: if you initiallyhired real people, they will attract their kind! In , allemployees are provided with, in addition to wages, all necessary,i.e. not only the fact that they may need to work but also worthyactivities and help in fulfilling different household needs: servicetransport car wash, laundries, dry cleaners, gyms, massage rooms,hairdressing. The corporation understands that the programmer lovesto program, not wasting time on washing the dishes.

Teams perform all company projects. For &quotgrinding-in,&quot allemployees are placed in one room. Employees say it allows moreproductively to work on projects. Such placement of employeessimplifies the management of the project. Every week, staff sends theresults of their work that characterizes what has been done and syncsall the information about the project. Such information is sent tocolleagues via e-mail (of course,!) During the work,employees use their developed software that allows them to make theiradjustments, making it more convenient for customers. That is why theGmail product was so successful. encourages the creativity ofemployees, allowing them to devote up to 20% of the working time (1.5hours out of their 8-hour work day) on what they want: they can singkaraoke, play Billiards, watch new movies. It`s no wonder iscalled the company with the best working conditions. But in this freefrom the staff time, sometimes they come up with excellent ideas: forexample, one employee had the idea to create News, which is anews aggregator. Also, the tradition of the company is the internalmailing list of new ideas. Ideas with lots of votes eventually cometo life (D`Onfro, 2015).

The company believes that &quotone head is good, two is better&quot.Thus, managers strive to reach a consensus, as aggregators of ideas,not lonely dictators, voluntarily and taking decisions. The slogan&quotNo Evil&quot: the company`s management pays a lot of attentionto creating a friendly atmosphere between employees. In today`scorporate world, only very few companies can boast of such awonderful tradition. All important decisions in the company are madeonly after quantitative analysis. It created a particular system forprocessing information used by analysts. The direct communication.Every Friday, workers in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with foodand drinks, discuss the past and plans for the next week. Thiscommunication is very efficient and allows management to be aware ofwhat employees think about their company and work on it.

These are the rules of this great company. The fact that a man isworking at gives him a great prestige, showing his high status(because he is not only a highly qualified specialist but alsobelongs to the elite of society. Employees who are also shareholders,may within a few years become millionaires, and maybe even more. Allopinions are taken into account. The company adheres to the principleof &quotmany are smarter than the few.&quot All fundamental issuesare resolved collectively. This applies not only to hiring, and otherpersonal questions.

is known for creating the most comfortable working conditionsfor its employees. This distinguishes it from all other companies inthe world, including Microsoft. Breakfasts and dinners are preparedright on the premises of the enterprise (corporate cafeteria) by oneof the most famous and highly paid chefs in California. borrowed Microsoft`s practice of free drinks in the fridge and alwaysavailable hot coffee. The plex – scattered balls of red,yellow, green, and blue colors that can be seen in the company`s logoare throughout the company building (Lim, 2015).

A sedentary lifestyle caused by office boom of the twenty-firstcentury is the cause of most diseases of modern man. Americans, bycalculating the costs of providing health benefits and fitnesssubsidy, decided to combine business with pleasure. Active guests canwork out right at work. Possible variations to the bike, movingspeed, in extreme cases, with the current massage chair. Especiallythese workstations are popular among creative workers – the increasedblood supply to the brain occurring during exercise contributes tothe generation of new ideas. The same effect, according toscientists, can be from adrenaline, endorphins and other hormonesstimulating-energizing of the spectrum, released into the blood.

What can be foundin the office?

  • Items used for Sports and Leisure: bikes and scooters, lava lamps, massage chairs and giant beach balls.

  • Pets.

  • Many tables: the offices are divided into work areas, where everyone equips his personal space.

  • Buffets with all kinds of eatables and drinks that help regain energy to continue the work.

  • Game Zone: loves table football, tennis, Billiards, volleyball and Ping-Pong and play video games and play music on the piano (and there even are rooms for dance and yoga in offices).

  • Rest areas: rest of all different ways – some prefer to have a nap on the couch or meditate, others go to a lecture about the history of cinema or learn Latin dances.

  • Healthy menu for lunch and dinner in various cafes for all employees.

  • Microcon: here they can always find drinks and snacks.

About the place given to research, in particular, forecasting andlong-term planning, the company in the best sense of the word are&quotobsessed&quot on innovation. Therefore, research work is beingdone by almost all staff. Each public servant has 20% of the timethat he devotes to his development (Mediratta, 2007). This fifth partof time given at the personal disposal, in the last six monthsbrought the company more than 50 new products – almost half ofinnovative goods and servers, including Gmail, AdSense, and News. Of course, not all personal projects are tested and launched.But in any case, it is a valuable professional experience, which theemployee gets.

Only those do not make mistakes which do nothing. But in no.Also, the company has a separate structure, which is engaged in theresearch and forecasting – Labs. Plus, there are some selectedstartups within the enterprise. There is a sort of exchange of viewswhen staff in the intranet express their predictions on a variety oftopics: from opinions on the new products to the forecasts of thevictory of favorite team. It is important to note that planning forthe future in the company includes strategic decisions of topmanagers, and more actual proposals from programmers, engineers, andmanagers. This is in line with corporate blogs, brain-storming andcrystallizes in the direction of the company. Despite the fact thatin the business ideas appear every day, the leaders are trying not tomiss a single appropriate. Each idea, even if it is involved in thedevelopment of some local support functions is still valuable.

Several recent attempts by Twitter to lure top managers from failed. As soon as someone from senior staff receives an offer fromTwitter or Facebook, leaders of take desperate measures toretain valuable personnel and sought a guarantee that they will workwith the company for several years. Does it make think about how became aware of plans to their employees to change employer?The only reasonable explanation is that the activity of &quotthespy,&quot who quickly sends confidential information to a competitorof Twitter. This assumption is not unfounded and confirms the factthat management had offered bonuses to one of the employeesbefore he received an official offer to hold a post on Twitter.Thanks to this the personnel policy of the company, found aningenious way of increase their income: negotiating the transition toanother company. Traditionally, the leaders keep them in theprovision of bonuses and increased wages.


It is important to remember that the main principles of work at by themselves are outstanding, they became the basis of the&quotvisible part of the iceberg&quot of innovation, which is now acause for praise, so generously poured out on . This section ofthe iceberg is similar to the Trident. The first prong – personnelpolicy. At , they recognize that innovation requires more humanresources thus, so the company is aggressively hiring talentedIT-heads. Moreover, generously gives these IT-heads not onlydaily bread but toys and entertainments, free shuttle bus and otherbenefits. The second prong is freedom: employees engaged in productdevelopment, working in small teams, are given enough freedom in theallocation of time and money. The policy of recruitment in isa complete lack of discrimination, and preference is given not thatmuch to experienced candidates. The company is continually expanding,opening offices in different countries. Dozens of languages can beheard- from Turkish to Telugu. All this has allowed the Corporationto create a team that understands users around the world. is growing, and the company always needs new people.


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