Government and Healthcare

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Governmentand Healthcare

Oneof the currently debated issues in American health care system isAffordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has some cons that render itdebatable in a public forum. The aim of ACA is to ensure thatmillions of Americans have access to quality health care. It includesa provision that requires expansion of dependent health insurancecoverage up to 26 years, provide insurance to those with preexistingconditions and eliminate deductibles for preventive services. At itsinception, ACA promised Americans that they would experience asignificant decrease in health spending. Although Obamaadministration has improved the availability of health insurance, ithas made millions of Americans incur high costs of health carepremiums due to loss of private coverage they had before theimplementation of this law.ACA has enabled the majority ofAmericans to obtain health insurance, but US health care spending perperson is higher than in any other country. Thus, ACA has not curbedthe growth in health care spending. Today, families pay approximately35% of their income for health care. The health care spending grow ata rate of roughly 1.6% annually since the adoption of ACA. ACA hasalso increased taxation levels. ACA is a massive tax bill that hasimposed significant tax increases on America`s middle class (Moffit,5).

Oneof the potential solutions to address the increase in health spendingfollowing enactment of ACA is the enrollment of the entire populationin a single payer system and using the bargaining leverage to drivethe cost down. In this system, health financing is organized by asingle public organization. The single payer system provides healthcoverage to all people for any necessary medical needs. It offersseveral strategies for reducing health care costs. Furthermore, asingle payer system has a potential to eliminate inefficienciescaused by fragmentation by converting health insurance programsincluding Medicaid and Medicare into a single financing system(Weisbart, 897).

Thesecond solution is allowing small employers to purchase healthinsurance with health reimbursement accounts. Under the new ACAreforms, health reimbursement accounts are not in use for healthinsurance premiums. The use of these accounts with appropriatesafeguards can make health insurance affordable for millions ofAmericans.

Theexcellent solution is the introduction of a single payer healthinsurance system because it will ensure that all Americans afford andaccess quality care regardless of the level of income, age ordiagnosis. The system would also allow patients to choose theirphysicians and to continue receiving health services from them evenif their financial status changes. On the other hand, healthreimbursement will only cater for the small employers, and thus itwill not ensure same benefits for all.

Therising cost of accessing health care is an issue in America. It isthe responsibility of the federal government to spend more money toreduce the cost of health care incurred by individuals and families.It can achieve this by raising the income thresholds at which thesubsidies phase out or raising the level of subsidies available forthe health plans purchased on the exchanges. Alternatively, thefederal government can offer subsidies to insurance companiesparticularly those covering high-risk population. The responsibilityof the States government is to adopt legislations to control thehealth care costs. They should also expand Medicaid coverage for thelow-income Americans. The local government should change its plansand strategies to control health care cost. It should increase thecost sharing premiums and deductibles paid by the employees. Itshould also establish a health reimbursement arrangement (Moffit,24).


ACAhas increased the number of Americans with health insurance, but ithas significantly increased health spending for individuals andfamilies. Both single payer health insurance system and healthreimbursement accounts can reduce health care costs, but the formeris the most preferred solution because it increases affordability andaccessibility of quality health care for all Americans.


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