Grand Rapids Careers Exploration Essay

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GrandRapids Careers Exploration Essay

GrandRapids Careers Exploration Essay

People areadvised to do a thorough research on the career that they want topartake in their lives. The essence of doing the research is that itgives one confidence and one gets psychologically prepared toencounter any challenges faced. This essay describes a grand rapidcareers exploration in nursing.

Reasonfor Doing Nursing

I haveunquenchable desire to help ailing people. Additionally, have done athorough research in the field of nursing, and I wish to pursue nurseanesthesia as my major. In future, I will tackle ambulatory nursecare in school.

Nursingin the Past Present and Future

In the past, thefield of nursing has been taken with less weight as bachelors andmaster’s degrees in nursing were not emphasized. In some cases,there was no training required for one to become a nurse. In theancient days, any woman who was willing to be a nurse could obtainthe necessary knowledge from a relative who had considerableknowledge in healthcare. The skills were gained from the experiencesobtained some people gave first aid to the ill or the injured. Thenursing title was primarily given to the women who had accompaniedtheir husbands to the battlefields. People felt that there was aneed for an enhanced nursing profession.

Nursing haschanged from the traditional way to the modern way whereby the careis based in hospitals. The nursing services are being paid for as thenurses are more engaged and they have gone through professionaltraining unlike in the past when they charged insignificant amountsfor their services. The current nurses are responsible for theirconduct in the workplace as their behavior can lead to them beingdismissed or retained in their jobs. The nurses do play a significantrole in the life of the patients irrespective of the payments theyreceive. Nursing is one of the professionals that need a lot of trustand honesty (Morton, Fontaine, Hudak, &amp Gallo, 2013). In thecontemporary world, the education that concerns nursing is open forboth men and women even though women seem to dominate the field. Theprofession remains challenging as the nurses are required to work inshifts. There are those who work during the day while there are thosewho work at night. Thus, as a nurse, one needs to schedule for theirtime. Nurses have to balance work and family life especially thosewho are married in order to operate successfully.

The nursingprofessional is projected to be based on homecare in future. Thepeople prefer the homecare nursing as they age and since Advocatesfor health care reforms listens more to the patients, there is apossibility of healing being based on homecare (Weiss, 2015).

Howthe Nursing Jobs are going to Look Like in Life

Nursingprofession will bring satisfaction in my life as it based on aprofound compassion. The nursing job is one of the tasks that needself-motivation. The post mainly deals with interacting withpatients. A nurse will be expected to control medication to thepatients. As a nurse, one is supposed to keep track of the patient`sprogress. The nurses will also be required to maintain the records ofthe patients. The nurses are entitled to inform the doctors on theadvancement of the patients. The nurses do act as mediators betweenthe physicians and the patients (McCarey, Barr &amp Rattray, 2014).

Nurses will berequired to give the patient and the family of the patient andemotional support. Along with their profession, they will benecessary to educate the people about different types of diseases.They also educate the public on how it can prevent itself from beinginfected. The nursing job is more of a vocation than a profession(Weiss, 2015).

WhatPeople Say About Nursing Jobs

Ihave earlier on met with individuals who take nursing as theirprofession. After having a talk with them, I have been in a positionto get their views concerning the job. Some say that the field ofnursing is exciting as it gives one an opportunity to interact withpeople from different backgrounds. Most of the nurses enjoy nursingas it gives the people an opportunity to interact, people, each newday and expose themselves to new ideas. The career also helps thepeople to have emotional growth as they often meet with horriblecases and they have to deal with them in a friendly manner. The workis so involving such that the nurses go home exhausted, but theystill enjoy their job. On the side of academic qualifications, theysay that it is quite challenging to do nursing, as one will have tosacrifice their social life and focus more on the studies. Mostpeople take nursing out of passion. Otherwise, they could have givenup in their career, as it requires numerous commitments.

Degree Required for Nursing

The field ofnursing is vast, and the type of degree that one is supposed toacquire depends on the area they have selected. One needs to have anassociate degree that takes two years. The associate degree makes onebe a registered nurse. It is also mandatory to have a bachelor’sdegree in nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It takes fouryears to finish the degree. The nurses are advised to further theirstudies to obtain a master degree in nursing and a doctorate innursing (McCarey, Barr &amp Rattray, 2014).

Nursing Courses Offered in GRCC

The Grand Rapids Community College is the bestcollege offering the degree in nursing. The college is located inAmerica at Michigan.

The Amount Paid to their Nurses

The nurses are paid acceding to their job groupsthose at the entry level earns at most $30,000 and the oldest in theprofession can earn more than $100,000.

How the Nursing Jobs Looked Like in the Past Generation and Now

Currently, the nursing profession has advanced.The professionals in this field feel respected compared to the pastwhere nursing was for the women, and they were neglected. Theprofession was despised as people felt that the nurses were not wellcompensated. In the contemporary world, the nurses are being paidwell, and they can manage to run their lives with the salary theyearn from nursing. They are also being encouraged to further theirstudies unlike in the past where the people were not going for anytraining.

If Nursing is a Good Job for People to do with a Good Paying

The job is a good one to be done with individualswho have a good pay. The reason behind it is that people in theprofession of nursing tend to learn each day. Hence, they become moreknowledgeable. Thus, the people with a good paying can as well donursing, as they will continue earning much as they add moreknowledge.

The Duration for Studying Degree in Nursing

The nurse program will require approximately sixyears for a starter. There is a need for two years study to obtain anassociate degree in nursing and other four years of study to obtain aBachelor of Science, nursing.

In conclusion, there is a need for one to havean idea of the field of the study he or she wants to major in beforejoining the school. Nursing has advanced in comparison to the ancientdays, and it is probably going to improve more as the people`s needsand demands change. The field of nursing is no more of professional,and it calls for one to be academically qualified to be apractitioner. The pay has relatively increased, and the people canrun their families with the salary earned in nursing and pay foradvancement in education.


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