Health Care Intervention in Domestic Violence

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HealthCare Intervention in Domestic Violence


Asignificant scenario I have handled as an ER involved a 13-year oldfemale who was assaulted by her father after they engaged in adomestic disagreement. The lady developed a cut on her head, and hermother brought her for medical attention. I realized that her fatherwas a drug addict and behaved wild under alcohol influence. As an ER,I reported the matter to the police, the child protective unit andthe social worker who were to give guidance and counseling to thelady. However, after gaining the knowledge of chapter 38, I haverealized there were better actions which I could have adopted.

Domesticviolence, specifically when the abuser is under the influence ofdrugs is often accompanied by other forms of abuse in the family (MStanhope and Lancaster J, 2015 pp. 833).Reporting the case was meant to ensure that the girl and the familyreceive the care needed and re-unite. My role as ER was providingthat the girl felt secure in her home after the treatment (M.Stanhope and Lancaster J. 2015 pp. 835).I will have explored if there are forms of abuse which happen in thefamily when the father is drunk. After discovering other forms ofill-treatment, proper guidance among the family members would havebeen important to restore the family unity and love. I would havenotified the father of the state of his daughter once he becomessober and requests him to visit the hospital. Once in the hospitalwould refer him to a psychologist who would have explained to him onthe psychological risk he is exposing his daughter (M.Stanhope and Lancaster J. 2015 pp. 834).After the girl’s foster care, I also should have initiated a familyreunion in the hospital before the family goes home with the girl. Itwould have made the girl feel secure reducing the risk of depressionwhich can result in other health complications.


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