Health Care Reform and APA

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HealthCare Reform and APA


HealthCare Reform and APA

Theaspects of the Affordable Care Act to keep:

1. The prohibition of discrimination by employers offering healthcoverage based on salary or wages of full-time employees.

2. The extension of the dependent coverage to allow unmarriedindividuals until the age of 26 years to remain on their parent’shealth Insurance.

of Iron Triangle of health care

TheIron Triangle touches on three critical issues of cost, quality, andaccess. One impacts the others directly. The health care reforms haveto consider how it applies to enable informed decisions made (Shorter&amp Wachtel, 2013). For example, the cost and quality of healthcarewould be impacted by a policy or reforms that increase the access.The three, therefore, requires a critical analysis in formulating thehealthcare reforms. It notes how they impact each other and concernedstakeholders (Lehman, 2015). It, hence, would require allstakeholders get involved when instituting such reforms to addressthe health care concerns objectively.

Responseto &quotConforming to APA format is a courtesy to the readers.&quot

Readerswith APA formatting knowledge would be better placed to understandliterature or work done in APA style. It would enable them to noteany discrepancies and shortfall in such work because they areempowered with the APA knowledge. It would also enable them to makechanges and reviews of such work with ease enabling them to choose,for instance, quality sources for references and further reviews.People read for different reasons and, hence, if they are reading togather more knowledge and research. Readers with the APA knowledgehave higher chances of presenting quality research work that meetsthe international standards. Hence, they have higher chances ofrealizing their desires with ease as researchers and scholars.


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