Health Disparity

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Theresults of Page-Reeves, Nioratos, Mishra, Regino, Gingrich, andBulten (2011) study indicated that fear challenges health amongstimmigrants who are prone to developing diabetes. The Hispanicimmigrant community that was studied feared visiting the doctor dueto the high expenses related to healthcare. They experiencedsignificant stress termed as fear due to the high costs. The fearresulted from the structural associations that define the economiccircumstance of the low-income groups, and that interconnects withthe occurrence of diabetes. The fear of financial burden associatedwith illness and staying healthy worsens disparity and causes a lotof depression in the community. The fear of cost is a form ofviolence that persons with sufficient resources or health insurancedo not experience (Page-Reeves et al., 2011).

Theimmigrants delay care, and this leads to acute exacerbations ofchronic illness and high medical expenses in the end. In my view,structural violence perpetuates health disparity. Individuals withoutsufficient resources may avoid accessing healthcare due to the fearthat they cannot afford the high costs of treatment. The high costsprevent millions of people from getting the required care (Zamosky,2017). Additionally, most patients do not inform their doctors aboutthe financial strain of medical expenses and opt to forego prescribedmedications and procedures. Even persons with insurance policies alsochoose to give up treatment due to cost. Families USA, a healthcareadvocacy organization in Washington, noted that more than one in fouradults with private insurance policies went without the necessarymedical care since they could not afford drugs, follow-up care,treatments and tests in 2016 (Zamosky, 2017). The situation is evenworse for persons without insurance since they fear the financialburden that illness would cause diseases take up money for otherpressing financial obligations such as food and rent. Thus,Page-Reeves et al. (2011) study outcome regarding high costs ofhealthcare and fear that prevent access to care is true. Structuralviolence perpetuates health disparity.


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