Healthcare Team

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Teamsare formed when people who share a common interest, for example inhealthcare, work together to achieve a common goal. It is importantto avoid conflicts among team members to enable everyone toconcentrate on their work. However, not all participants are goodteam members, and therefore, it is necessary for the qualities of agood team player to be encouraged in any team. This article willmainly focus on two such qualities and how they can be promoted in aninterprofessional healthcare team.

Clearand effective communication is vital in the growth of healthcareteams. A medical practitioner who silently gets his or her work donebut then shies away from sharing ideas is just a good player. Howevergreat team players communicate their ideas clearly. More so, suchindividuals are honest, and they respect the views of other membersin healthcare settings. A good team player is also reliable. Otherteam members can count on such a person to get jobs done, to meetdeadlines, to stick to their words and to submit quality workconsistently (Dane&amp Brummel, 2014).Reliability enables excellent performance and positive workrelationships.

Toencourage reliability in healthcare, every participant should becognizant of their duties. Consequently, they will clearly understandwhat is expected of them. Incorporation of appropriate communicationforms in a health institution will help boost communication. Medicalpractitioners come from various backgrounds. It is, therefore,important to bridge the cultural gaps in their communication byacknowledging and working around them.

Inconclusion, teams are important as they enable achievement of commonhealthcare goals. Qualities of a good team player should beencouraged for the sake of those who are not good players. Thesequalities include communication and reliability. Bridging of culturalgaps in healthcare would lead to effective communication.


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