Hedonism Hedonism

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Thetheory that explains how pleasure makes up the proper aim and highestgood in human life is hedonism. Several theories try to give abroader explanation on the topic. The theories have identified painand pleasure as two essential elements. The claims made by theconcepts are philosophically interesting when they give the claimthat pain and pleasure are things that have importance. Thephilosophical hedonists have their focus on the hedonistic valuenotions. As a value theory, it elucidates that pleasure has intrinsicvalue and pain lacks value. The description of pain and pleasure bythe theorists has both mental and physical phenomena included. Thepaper gives a detailed discussion about Nozick’s argument on howhappiness is not an intrinsically valuable factor.

Theargument raised by Nozick that happiness is not the only thing thathas intrinsic value is true. Other things that are valuable anddesirable also exist. This includes education, peace, liberty andmoney. The philosopher gives the explanation on how pleasure hasvalue in a wider viewpoint. However, pleasure cannot be described asthe intrinsic value. He elaborates on the point by focusing on howthe pleasure value is instrumental based on the existing facts(Nozick,2015).The facts explain pleasures’ evolutionary as the signal used inexperiments that track the wellbeing of individuals and individualmotivation to pursue things. Therefore, Nozick points elaborate thatpleasure are not the only factor that has intrinsic value.

Theunderstanding of Nozick thoughts about hedonism is knowledgeable. Itgives a broader understanding of the philosophical aspect of pain andhappiness. Nozick provides a wide range of explanation that denotesthe perceived intrinsic value of pleasure in a broader perspective.He explains that the pleasure values seem to depend on stablerelationships to activities and things that have conduciveness.Nozick(2015)explains that this provides a clear explanation of how the value ofpleasure is instrumental and not intrinsic. The thought of Nozicktowards the intrinsic value of pleasure has been a subject of debateamong scholars owing to the simple objections that are raised aboutthe notion.

Intrinsicvalue makes up the core part of ethics. Nozick’s takes on intrinsicvalue are based on the moral judgments that exist in the society.Something that contains importance in its distinctive right or sakecan be described as intrinsic value. The understanding of thephilosophers take on the description of intrinsic value provides aclear indication of the relevance pain and pleasure in the society(Nozick,2015).Additionally, it has a non-relational feature of objects that createsinterest. It gives a broader explanation that objects can containvalues or lack one. This is not basing on the existing reference tothe description of whether it is bad or good.

Theessay entails a detailed discussion about Nozick’s take Hedonism.The reading of the paper enables a learner to identify the keyreasons as to why the theorist disregards pleasure as the source ofintrinsic value. He explains that another relevant thing exists asthe source of value amongst individuals. The things include peace,education, and wealth. The understanding of his thoughts plays a keyrole in the creation of broader arguments that relate to the take ofother philosophers about philosopher’s thoughts. Nozick’sphilosophical explanation on intrinsic value creates a generalinterest on the topic. Conclusively, the reading of the essay enablesone to understand hedonism in a broader perspective.


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