Hero`s Journey

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Wemeet Princess Anna and Princess Elsa in the movie Frozen. PrincessAnna, from the beginning of the film, has a pleasant personality. Sheis loving, optimistic, brave, very playful, awkward and kind. Afterbeing shut out by her sister, Princess Anna grows lonely and wishesdesperately for love. Princess Anna meets a prince, and she getsengaged to him immediately, but Princess Elsa refuses to bless theirunion. In an attempt to find out why her sister, Princess Elsa, hatesher, she triggers the ice powers of Princess Elsa who then turns thewhole of Arandelle into winter and runs off to hide in her self-builtprison. This paper elaborates on how Princess Elsa decides to goafter her (Sussman 12).


PrincessAnna is a loving girl who loves deeply and passionately. She lovesher sister very much and always wants to play with her and build asnowman with her, even when Elsa shuts her out. “Do you want tobuild a snowman?” Anna sings outside Elsa’s door every day(Sussman 15). Anna has so much love in her heart and no one to love.Anna grows lonely without her sister’s affection and embraces thefirst stranger, Prince Hans, she meets and agrees to marry himshortly after they meet. She longs for a life outside the castle’sclosed doors. Her anticipation for a life outside the castle comesout when she sings, “For the first time in forever, I’m gettingwhat I’m dreaming of.” (Sussman 21)

Callto adventure

Duringher sister’s coronation to be crowned next queen of Arandelle, Annameets the man of her dreams, Prince Hans, and immediately agrees tomarry him. Anna goes to seek her sister’s, blessing but Elsarefuses to bless their union. In frustration, Anna confronts Elsaconcerning her coldness towards her. In the process, Elsa losescontrol over her ice powers and covers the Arandelle with snow as sheflees. Anna makes the decision to go on a solo mission to look forher estranged sister and bring her home.


Onher venture to look for her sister, Anna meets Olaf, the snowman sheand Elsa built when they were little, Kristoff, soon to be the loveof her life, and Sven, Kristoff`s reindeer. They join her in herjourney up the North Mountain to look for her sister. At first,Kristoff is not interested in taking her, but Anna bribes him withsupplies and carrots for Sven (Sussman 25).


Whenthey get to Elsa’s self-built prison up the North Mountain, Elsadoes not welcome them. She tells Anna to leave, but Anna persists.Her persistence makes Elsa angry and accidentally strikes Anna withice in her heart and then raises a marshmallow giant to throw themout of her ice castle. Anna`s hair starts to turn white, and Kristofftakes her to his Troll friends. The Trolls, however, cannot assistAnna. They tell her that only an act of love can reverse thecondition. Anna seeks out Prince Hans for true love`s kiss, but heturns out to be a traitor who is only after her sister, Elsa`s,throne. Prince Hans manages to catch and lock up Elsa and attemptsto kill her after deceiving her that Anna is dead. Just as he isabout to stab Elsa with a sword, Anna shields her (Sussman 26). Shegets struck by the Hans` sword in place of Elsa and turns into an icesculpture. She sacrifices herself for Elsa.


Elsaoverwhelmed with grief for her sister`s unfortunate death, she wrapsher arms around Anna`s ice cold form and weeps. This act of lovebrings Anna back to life. Elsa then realizes, with the help of Olaf,that, &quotthe act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.&quot(Sussman 27) After that realization, Elsa melts down all the ice inArandelle and brings back summer. She is now able to control her icetouch, thanks to her sister Anna’s bravery. Everyone lives happilyever after.


Annais clearly the heroine in the movie Frozen. Her hero`s journeyportrays bravery, love, kindness towards her sister and everyonearound her. If it weren`t for her courage and love towards hersister, Elsa would remain estranged in an ice castle up the NorthMountain, and Arandelle would be covered in snow forever. She is,therefore, the Hero of the movie.


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