HIM Organizational Chart

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HIMOrganizational Chart

HIMOrganizational Chart

Iwill select three departmental heads to assist in overseeing variousoperations. They will be the coding supervisor, transcriptionsupervisor, and the chart completion supervisor. The codingsupervisor will be responsible for the performance of the codingsystem, oversee medical coders and the maintenance of patients’medical reports. Thus, the HIM clerks will report to the codingsupervisor because they handle medical records and are responsiblefor compiling, organizing, and coding them. Also, the release ofinformation coordinator will work under the directives of the codingsupervisor to enhance the privacy of patients’ medical informationand that only authorized persons have access to it. The transcriptionsupervisor will ensure that the transcription office operatesefficiently and guide the medical transcriptionists in performingquality and timely transcriptions within the set procedures by themanagement. The chart completion supervisor will aid in ensuring thatthe medical facility abides by the agency and state regulations andthat the documentation process of patients’ information meets theregulatory requirements. The supervisor will take my position whileabsent. The department secretary will handle administration dutiessuch as maintaining medical records and charts, organizing the officeand scheduling appointments, hence it becomes prudent for theSecretary to report to the charts supervisor.

Thekey requirements that I would look in a coding supervisor are amasters degree in health information management or a health relatedfield, and a certification in coding. The transcription supervisorwill have two years of experience in medical language and acertification as a transcriptionist such as CMT. A chart manager willhave a bachelor’s degree in HIM and accredited with a RHIAcredential. The medical coders will require an associate’s degreein medical coding and billing and a certification as a CCS/CCA. Therelease of information coordinator will have previous experience in amedical records department, have excellent data entry andinterpersonal skills(Schnering, Sayles, &amp McCuen, 2013). The HIMClerk will require an associate’s degree in HI, and a certificationin HI or coding. Transcriptionists will need an associate’s degree,understand medical terminologies and have the ability to useword-processing software. Finally, the secretary sought for will haveto display basic secretarial skills such as typing, proper medicalterminologies comprehension, and a secretarial certificate in thehealth unit.


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