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Wilson Woodrow (1856-1924) was America’s 28th President.He served as the country’s president between 1913 and 1921. Woodrowis considered as one of the America’s greatest presidents becauseof his role in the First World War and as a result of the variousreforms that were initiated by his administration. The criteria thatthis paper will use to evaluate Woodrow Wilson’s administration areits reforms on the social and economic realms as well as ininternational policies. This paper will argue that Woodrow Wilson`sadministration was excellent since it instituted social and economicreforms that have had long-term implications on the country`seconomy.

The panic of 1907 showed the need for reforms in the country’sbanking sector as it demonstrated the effects of a few corporationsand banks controlling the largest part of the nation`s wealth(University of Virginia, 2017). Woodrow pursued an ambitious agendathat sought to adopt progressive economic reforms. Consequently, hisadministration resulted in the establishment of the Federal TradeCommission and the Federal Reserve (Woodrow Wilson House, 2016). Healso pushed for the enactment of several other laws that have hadlong-terms implication on the country’s economy. For instance, theFederal Reserve Act established a central banking system. Also,Wilson’s administration initiated several economic reforms thatsought to achieve equality. For instance, the administrationdeveloped the first income tax collection system that was progressivein nature. The system was designed in such a way that the more aperson earns, the higher the amount of money he/she pays as taxes.Consequently, the change in the tariff system reduced the cost ofliving for individuals in the middle and the working classes. Overone hundred years have passed since Wilson`s tenure as the president.Despite this, the policies set by his administration still offerguidance for the regulation of the country’s money credit, banks,and money supply (University of Virginia, 2017).

Besides the economic reforms, Woodrow Wilson’s administrationinitiated several social changes such as the passage of the firstchild labor laws. Besides, it is during Woodrow`s tenure that womenin America were finally allowed to vote. For many years, PresidentWilson had requested the Congress to pass the necessaryconstitutional amendment that would grant the women the right tovote. However, in August 1920, the Congress finally passed the 19thAmendment (Woodrow Wilson, 2017). Also, the administration appointedsocial reformers such as Louis Brandeis who fought relentlessly inthe court against the discrimination and exploitation of children andwomen (University of Virginia, 2017). However, On the other hand,Woodrow’s administration also suffered several failures the majorone being the denial of voting rights to the blacks. It did this bypropagating some of Jim Crow’s discriminative laws. Apart fromcausing racial discrimination against the blacks, the administrationplayed a major role in triggering the Civil Rights movement of the1960s (University of Virginia, 2017).

In terms of international policies, Woodrow’s administration triedto keep the country outside the World War I. Although the war startedin 1914, it is not until in 1917 when Wilson requested the Congressto declare war on Germany as a result of the latter’s provocativeactions. Additionally, during the same period, Wilson’sadministration learnt about the Zimmerman letter that was urgingMexico to Attack America.Apart from Germany’s provocation,Wilson entered the First World War as a way of restoring peace in theworld. When the war ended, Wilson and his administration played ahuge role in negotiating a peace treaty that paved the way for theestablishment of the League of Nations. However, the idea of theUnited States joining the League of Nations did not materialize sincethe Senate voted against it. As a result of his efforts in ensuringthat there is no war in the world, President Wilson was awarded theNobel Prize in recognition for his peacemaking efforts (WoodrowWilson, 2017).

In conclusion, this paper has demonstrated that Woodrow Wilson’sadministration did a great job in adopting productive social,economic, and international policies. First, it did everythingpossible to prevent the country from entering the WW1 until Germany’saction could not be tolerated any further. Even when theadministration pushed for the country to join the war, it had a clearmission which was to ensure that global peace was restored. In termsof economic reforms, Woodrow`s administration adopted measures aimedat stabilizing the country`s financial industry in addition toensuring the equality in the payment of taxes. Lastly, it is duringWoodrow`s administration that women were granted the right to vote.


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WorldWar two enclosed a time duration in which it impacted on soldiers inwar and the people that were left at home. Life became different foreveryone since the US faced aggressive powers from rival countries.Most of the men joined the army leaving many positions they formallyworked. Women in the US took up their roles in the job markets. TheUS experience during the world war two was treacherous to soldierswho went to war, and at the same time, it offered women a chance towork in positions that were left.The focus of this paper will be toanalyse the effects of world war.

Duringthe world war two, Elsie Ott a female got a job to serve as a nursein Airforce office, in particular, the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Ottwas born in 1913 in Houghton Michigan State. Ott brought significantaccomplishments in aiding the army. For instance, she helped intransporting wounded soldiers in battle. In her first assignment, Ottwas to help evacuate injured soldiers in combat. Despite having notflown before she accomplished her mission with barely any medicalequipment in the plane. Such evacuations of wounded soldiers weredone through ships, in this case, it was challenging as Ott never hadany experience. In her diary, she suggested that in futureevacuations necessary materials were essential in times of war suchas bandages, additional blankets, and oxygen. Ott’s experience inthe world war was challenging having been given twenty-four-hournotice with not one air-evacuation drill (Stevens, 42). The diaryreveals how Ott served her nation even though her task waschallenging but luckily the mission was successful. Later, she wasawarded a medal due to her exemplary work. The world war twoexperience offered women a chance to showcase their skills. In thiscase, Ott was able to prove herself as a competent nurse.

Soldierswho went to fight in the world war two suffered a lot. The figure ofpeople who died in battle was big and those wounded was a largenumber. General George Marshall was chief of staff who organised themilitary in the US (Payne, 36). Marshall faced a challenge in thewar, most of his soldiers died and were wounded in the first few daysof battle. The General was born in Uniontown in Pennsylvania in theyear 1880. The General had an earlier exposure in studying in amilitary institute. Marshall’s contributions in world war two can`tbe overstated. He brought hope to his victory in the war. Georgededicated and shown his selfless nature of having the interests ofthe US citizens. He had various principles and thoughts during thewar he proposed that the only means individuals could win a warwould be to thwart it. Marshall continued with his propositions thatloyalty cannot be expected from an army if he didn`t give it. Georgesideologies applied to the times of war. The battle was challenging tohim and his troops due to the setbacks he encountered. The firmspirit of the general played a significant role in the success of thewar.

Inboth documents, it is revealed that the world war impacted the livesof American citizens. Women got a fair chance to do jobs rather thanstay at home and wait to be fed for by their husbands. It offeredthem to showcase their abilities and serve their nation. Soldierswho went to war suffered a lot most died and sustained injuries inbattle. It was whole-rounded experience for the citizens of America,those in combat and home


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