Holland`s Self-Directed Search

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Holland’sSelf-Directed Search

Testderived from Holland’s six significant personality categories isone of the most efficient tests that can be used in making decisionon the best type of occupation available for individuals. Taking thetest is very satisfying and enjoyable because it introduces novelthinking about one`s abilities that may not have been consideredwithout the test (Bratton, 2015). It evokes once personalities andleads to the discovery that the best field to work is that whichmatch the individual’s preferences. The layout of the test is soefficient that includes all the possible personalitycategories/abilities inappropriate for almost all the existingcareers. Moreover, the test is procedural, sequential, progressiveand directive in that all the desired traits during career choice areput into consideration (Hettich &amp Landrum, 2014).Correspondingly, in a given ability, there are several options whereresponses are required which are inclusive enough to accommodate manyskills and interest in a particular category/ability. Essentially,the test is comprehensive and expansive making it reliable to be usedfor matching individual’s fundamental and ultimate interests invarious occupations (Bratton, 2015).

Thetest is easier to decipher because it is divided into variouscategories or abilities making it straightforward and uncomplicatedto not only fill in but carrying out analysis and interpretation. Thetest is very valuable especially to high school student who are aboutto settle on their respective careers (Hettich &amp Landrum, 2014).The reason is that it will enable students to identify the bestenvironment that allows them to utilize their abilities and skillsand express their values and attitude to take up the most enjoyableand likely career. The test will enable the high school students tointeract with the environment and identify various skills that theymay require to undertake to acquire specific jobs (Sharf, 2013). Highschool needs this test because they have limited knowledge aboutcareer opportunities but have immense abilities to identify theirstrengths as well as their weakness. The test is simple, easy tointerprets, decode and sequentially prepared to guide high schoolstudents. Although the test is mostly for the individuals who havenot made the decision on their best occupation, it can still beuseful for those who have already determined (Hettich &amp Landrum,2014). The reason is that it offers significant information on otherrelevant factors to be considered during occupation selection.


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