Hospital Acquired Infections Response Paper

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HospitalAcquired Infections Response Paper

HospitalAcquired Infections Response Paper

Diseasesdue to hospital-acquired infections are becoming a menace in theUnited States. Deaths, as a result, surmount to 99,000 every year(Cassidy,2017).Diseases are transmitted swiftly with individuals in the hospitalunawares. Various interactions within the hospital set-up result ininfections. There is need to address this issue to elaborateprotocols, rules, and procedures that guide through the hospitalsystem. Individualism in the process of addressing the problem isrequired since change starts from one individual for the system to besafe. Among the strategies is patient isolation. However, otherstrategies including correct methods of disposing wastes, andensuring sanitation are efficient to avoid individuals fromcontracting infections.


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