Hosting a sports event

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Hostinga sports event

Hostinga Sports Event

A sport is aprofound way through which people get a chance to interact with oneanother as well as exchange cultures. The paper discusses hosting asports event and the key considerations one needs to consider duringthe organization procedure. The proposal aims to talk aboutorganizing a sporting event in Freehold New Jersey. The proposal aimsat showing the aspects that one needs to put into consideration toensure that the event is quite interesting and captivating to theaudience and potential targeted group. The sports event that aims tocaptivate a global crowd would be a universal event that coversbasketball, soccer, rugby and ice-skating competitions for both thephysically fit and the challenged people, although at differentintervals. The paper covers a sporting event proposal in New JerseyCity, the target audience, the interest stimulating programs, and thegeneral sports factors inclusive in the event.

The essaystarts by the proposing the idea to the Freehold, New Jersey city tocreate awareness about the event. The sporting event will be atFreehold Township in New Jersey. Basketball and ice-skating will bein indoor arenas where soccer and rugby will be open field events.The event aims to incorporate both players physically fitparticipants and the physically disabled participants. Although, thephysically fit players in all sports will have different schedulesfrom the participants who are physically handicapped all theparticipants will have the same audience, as well as rewards for thebest players from two categories, will be equal. The theme of theevent is to show parity between people who are normal and the peoplewith disabilities, as they are equal despite the person’sdisability.

The sportingevent has a global audience from all parts of the world. To startwith, the will be open enrollment chances for all participants in thetwo categories of people from all parts of the world (Chan, 2015).The worldwide open enrollment would ensure that the participants arepeople good at the specific event they have enrolled in, making theevent have Classic participants. Besides, the participants made ofelites would be a stimulating factor to attract a global audience tothe event.

Several factors that seem to stimulate interest to the targetedglobal audience, one of the factors is the theme of the event. Theevent shows parity between the physically fit people and thephysically fit participants, as the participants have the same crowd,equal rewards to winners and equal participation opportunities. Theother stimulating factor is that the New Jersey City has goodfacilities, fancy hotels, restaurants and reputable status from theprior events hosted in the city. A place with a good reputation isimportant as it attracts people because of the high expectations ofgood events.

The eventcovers many other favoring factors that would make the event asuccess. There are good restaurants, motels, and hotels in New JerseyTownship that offer quality meals where the audience could feedanytime they go hungry. The audience will also have free refreshmentsthat would make them enjoy the whole cheering experience as well ashave cultural exchange and interactions among themselves (Taks,2013). From a global spectrum, the sporting event attracts people, asthey are rich in cultures and interactions. For the above reasons,the sporting event in New Jersey promises to be successful as well ashave a good audience turn out.


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