Human Resource Practices

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HumanResource Practices


HumanResource Practices

Theimportance of the employees in aiding an organization to achieve itsset goals and objectives cannot be underplayed. Optimal utilizationof available human capital in a company results in enhancedperformance and reduced operational costs. Some of the duties ofhuman resource managers include overseeing workforce recruitmentprocess, coordinating employees, and motivating workers. Accordingly,the essay discusses employee’s motivation as the most useful humanresource practice.

Promotionincentives, rupees, and acknowledgmentare the often adopted approaches of inspiring the workforce tooptimum performance. With employee motivation, the gap betweenwillingness to work and ability to execute tasks is bridged. The moveensures that the workforce is dedicated and thus, reducing the numberof employees required to execute a given task. With a low number ofemployees, an organization in able to reduce operational expenses asconsequence of a scaled down wage bill. According to Storey (2014),stimulating the employees nurtures a drive to work withoutsupervision and ultimately, reduces the workforce turnover rate. Inthis regard, an organization is in a position to retain talents,which are critical in ensuring sustainable growth.

Withemployee motivation, it is possible to nurture a conducive workingenvironment since the relationship between the workforce and seniormanagers is enhanced. In this regard, a team spirit is built and anorganization is able to achieve set goals. Storey (2014) affirms thatinspired employees work together for the benefit of a company. Whenworking as a team, an organization can design and implementstrategies geared towards attaining a given goal since the workforceis always comparative and depicts minimal resistance to change.

Inconclusion, motivating employees is an important human resourcepractice that nurtures a conducive working environment and ensuresoptimum performance of the workforce. In this regard, human resourcemanagers should strive to introduce effective motivation strategiesin their organizations.


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