Human Sexuality

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The main topic of this paper is &quotTeaching toSocial Work Students.&quot I chose the topic because it described aproblem that has existed in the society for a long time without beingadequately addressed. is a sensitive issue, and mostpeople dodge it when faced with matters relating to it. Through thearticle, problems that are experienced by social workers whenoffering a seminar on sexuality are discussed (Valentichand Gripton 273). The article will open up the studentsto understanding how to communicate about sex efficiently and theyare able to understand human sexuality better.


The subject of the article is human sexuality and how social studentscan open up to discuss it. The authors of the article explained thatthe students were ill-equipped to discuss sexual matters with clientsand this limited their ability to help them in the sexual problems. Acomparison between the social work students and graduate studentsdepicted that the sex knowledge between those two groups was minimal(Valentichand Gripton 274). That showed that the students did notgain any knowledge on human sexuality in the course of their studies.As a result, the students could not comfortably discuss sexual issueswith their client thus failing to deal with the clients` problems.


The method used to carry out the research was quantitative. Theresearch incorporated survey and sampling. The authors surveyed thenumber of books that discussed human sexuality by looking forheadings such as &quotsex,&quot and &quotsexuality.&quot Theauthors also randomly selected students that are five females andfive males to take part in a seminar that would educate them onsexuality (Valentichand Gripton 274).


The survey carried out in the article revealed that only twelvearticles from the years 1966-1972 discussed human sexuality. All theteaching case records depicted that the school course did not addresstreating a sexual problem. That said, the students were not able tocommunicate about human sexuality to the clients and this showed thatthey did not play their role well as social works. The studentsselected for the seminar opened up about sexual matters after theseminar and they were able to discuss human sexuality well.


The article successfully showed the gap that existed in trainingsocial work students about human sexuality. The lack of training wasresponsible for the biases of the students` thoughts on humansexuality. This was shown in the training program where students wereunable to disregard their opinions on homosexuality. Through thetraining, the students were shown to communicate effectively withclients about homosexuality (Valentichand Gripton 276). However, the article was unable toimpact the student`s opinions on matters such as homosexuality,abortion, and other social issues. This depicts that even after thetraining, the students will be unsuccessful when discussing suchproblems with the clients.


As depicted in the article, human sexuality is an essential subjectthat should be introduced in the teaching curriculum. Social workstudents deal with community members, helping them through addressingtheir emotional and health issues. In the case they are not trainedon how to address human sexuality issues, they will end upfrustrating the clients` efforts to find a solution.


The article is an eye opener to the difficulty with which peopleaddress human sexuality. It is a sensitive topic and many peopleperceive it differently, and this perception usually affects thecompetence of social workers. This makes it essential for schools tointroduce human sexuality as a subject especially to the students whowill be working directly with the community members.

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