Human Variation

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  1. Flip a Coin

Onthe first flip of the coin, the result was the head. Hence, theoffspring is female.

2.Reasons for Showing a Trait That Neither Parent Demonstrates

Anoffspring can exhibit a characteristic that no parent manifests ifboth parents are heterozygous for that particular trait. Therecessive trait is then passed to the child (Bogin 185).

3.Co-Dominant or Incompletely Dominant Traits

Bloodgroups are co-dominant while skin color and hair are incompletedominant features.

4.Reasons for Flipping the Flip the Coin Twice To Determine Hair andEye Color

Indetermining the hair and eye color of the offspring, the coin wasflipped twice. These are polygenic traits. Multiple alleles determinethese characteristics at different loci. Therefore, the coin had tobe flipped twice.

5.Cross of Between Two Wavy-Haired People in A Punnett Square Diagram









Asshown in the Punnet square above, a cross between two people withwavy hair gives rise to two children with Wavy hair, one child withcurly (HH) hair, and the other with straight (hh) hair. Therefore,hair is a polygenic trait.

6.The Personality of Offspring of a Person with Large, Almond ShapedEyes and Curly Hair and a Person with Straight Hair and Small Eyesand Ears

Theinformation indicates that the future offspring would have eitherstraight hair (hh) or wavy (Hh) hair, and either small or medium eyesand ears. This result is attributed to a cross between the twoparents which resulted into the traits. I conclude that the femaleparent contributes in the traits of the offspring more than the maleparent.

7.My Physical Characteristics

Ihave brown eyes, black hair, and small hands. Both of my parents haveblack hair and brown eyes. However, my father has big hands while mymother’s hands are small just like mine. Phenotypes are not alwaysas genotypes because a genotype is determined by genes while aphenotype is the result of a gene and the effect of the environment(Bogin 184). However, other traits such as being right-handed can beattributed to how our brains are wired (Goldman 182)


Theassignment has helped me learn genetic aspects. More importantly, Ihave learned that an offspring can show a trait that its parents donot exhibit because both parents can be heterozygous. I have alsolearned of traits determination by more than one gene and alleles,and how it contributes to the continuous degradation on theappearance of features.


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