Ideal High School

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IdealHigh School


Ondating behaviors and peers, my ideal high school would discourage anyform of sexual relationships among students by having regular peergroup discussions that would help students appreciate the need toavoid such relations in school.

Myideal school would not separate students by gender to help thestudents feel that they are a complete community. The school wouldhave a non-tolerance approach to cliques so as to be able toappreciate andcelebrate the individuality and diversity of all the students in myschool. Discouraging cliques would also encourage the need fordynamism and avoid instances of students being lonely and resentingschool.

Myschool engages families of students with the hope that this will havea positive impact on the students’ performance. The school engagesfamilies byaddressing the common challenges to getting and keeping familiesengaged. In addition to these engagements, initiating volunteerprograms and regular summoning of parents to schools will alsoencourage school-family relations.

Therewill be two types of counselors in my ideal school namely guidanceand career counseling as well as education counselor. The guidanceand career counseling programming will offer a broad, developmentalprogram which will be designed in a manner that will assist studentsto make and implement informed learning and professional choices.This program will help develop the student’s aptitudes inself-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and careerplanning. The education counselor will be charged with the role ofhelping students work through issues personal problems anddevelopment concerns as well as matters such as victimization,incapacities, low confidence levels, poor academic performance,social apprehension or problems emanating from their homes.

Myschool offers both abstinence-plus and abstinence-based sexualeducationwith the aim of advocating that students should only wait untilmarriage to engage in sex. This type of sex education iscomprehensive in that it addresses all possibilities as regards tosex among students as it also discusses the need to use protectionwhen engaging in sex so as to avoid infections such as STD’s andHIV. This type of education not only advocates for the need ofstudents abstaining from sex by encouraging self-restraint but alsofocuses on the use of contraceptive methods and gives informationregarding unwanted pregnancy and sexual diseases.

Myideal school will start with an instructional program where eachstudent is given an adult voice. Teachers who in this case act asadvisors will give each advisee a safe place within the schoolcommunity. The objective of this platform is for students tointeract, share their views, and listen respectfully.

Myschool has an initiative pegged around an inclusive and deliberativedialogue about education that exposes the community to schoolpractices, challenges, and successes. Afterward, they the parentswill be involved in helping schools through volunteering,contributing programs, taking part in extracurricular events andengaging with their children on schoolwork even outside the schoolprecincts.

Modestywill define my school’s dress code with the aim of negatingdistraction and improving safety standards. There exist rules andinstructions that govern what and how students dress including thetype of footwear.

Theschool will have its sessions tailor-made to address all the primarytypes of intelligence. The classes range from linguistic classes tomusic classes as well as physical education classes, and students areat liberty to choose whichever classes to attend depending on thecareer choices. Other lessons are designed to take care ofinterpersonal and logical intelligence.


Thephysical spaces for students in my school will be designed to helpthem feel at home. The standard size of a high school classroom inthe United States is 900 Square feet. There will be a maximum of 15learners per class which will cover an approximate area of 1050square feet. The halls, gyms, and lockers will be designed through aconsultation process that will include taking into considerationaspects such as social distance.

Myschool program would start not earlier than 8.30am. Recentresearch has shown that even the slightest shift in school start timehas an impact on the academic performance, attendance rates, and theoverall behavior of older adolescent students. A study by Owens etal. of high school students indicated that a postponement of 30minutes “was associated with a significant increase inself-reported sleep duration and a decrease in some ratings ofdaytime sleepiness.” The same study furthermore argued that it wasless likely for students to suffer from dejection, and were moremotivated to take part in extramural activities (Ibid.,p. 62.)

Myschool will have a minimum of 400minutes of physical educationdistributed across every ten school days. Students in all grades willbe expected to participate in the physical education classes and atthe end undertake the physical performance test. The physicaleducation classes will be programmed to include areas such asgymnastics/tumbling,the effect of physical activity upon dynamic health, team sports, andmechanics of body movement, dance as well as individual sports amongothers.

Aftera long day of learning, the students need to be allowed somerelaxation time. Therefore, in my ideal school, there will be aplayground and an amphitheater where students can relax and interactwith one another. The time to let off steam will be less teacheroriented and more student-centred to inculcate the aspects of freedomamong the students thereby also creating a room for personal growthand development outside the classroom environment.

Basicmedical facilities and services will be a must have in my idealschool such that there will be not only essential services such asfirstaid, screening, medication administration but also a dedicated roomfor service provision. The health facility will be equipped with astorage system so that individual student medical files can besecurely stored for future use in case of need arises. Permanentstaff will be stationed in the health facility at all times to takecare of any medical emergencies that may occur. Medical counselingservices will also be provided.

Myideal school will limit food choices of students to healthy ones onlyso as to contain problems associated with unhealthy eating A healthydiet will be served since they provide numerous benefits such aspreventing students from feeling worn-out as well as helping them tomaintain your energy and weight. The meals will be prepared in aclean, healthy setting and served at pre-determined timelines toencourage each and every student to appreciate the nutritional valueof the food served in school. The school will have sufficientresources to obtain appropriate foods for a nutritious diet withvegetables and fruits as a must have at all times.

Myideal school will be committed to providing resources aimed atsupporting students with eating disorders as well as offering help intheir treatment or advance prevention. The support program will befounded on a preventive approach by insisting on early interventionand providing treatment for those already affected.


Theideal high school would have a recess for students to allow them toget rest and break the monotony and boredom that would otherwise beassociated with being in school the whole year. The class periodswould be a maximum of 45minutes followed by a 30minutes break afterevery two periods.

Iwould have two graduation tracks in my ideal school not only forfuture use in case of an increase in the number of students but alsofor one to serve as an outdoor facility for students especially whenknow graduation event is taking place.

Sessionsto provoke and encourage important book learning challenging classeswill be introduced into my ideal school so as to promote criticalthinking and analysis. The classes will be practical based and aimedat provoking students to test the theories that exist withincontextual illustrations.

Myideal high school would not have any grading system to avoid cases ofunhealthy competition. The available grading systems are usuallyunfair and do not take into consideration other factors that mayaffect a student’s performance thus it would only be better toavoid grading.

Iwould not allow high stakes testing in my school in my ideal highschool because its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. Admittedly,the high-stake testing is usually unfair to many students and tendsto increase leadsto increased grade retention which is counterproductive and highdropping outrates. High stakes testing also drives out good teachers and tends tomisinform the public. Majorresearch groups, as well as test standards, have previously arguedthat important educational and career decisions should be based onseveral other factors and not solely on a test score.

Asadolescents enter the formal operational stage, they acquire theability and skills to think abstractly by internally manipulatingideas, without any input from concrete manipulation (Inhelder &ampPiaget, 1958). The student are able to perform mathematicalcalculations, engage in creative thinking and criticism, useintellectual reasoning, and predict the outcome of certain actions. Asystemic approach will be taken to introduce formal operations inclasses so that no student misses out on this aspect of personaldevelopment.

Educationexperts argue that both approaches can work and if implemented in theright manner, they argue, many students can hack off a complete yearor more of school before way in advance. My ideal high school wouldhave all the AP classes and at the same time offer college creditclasses so that students are at liberty to choose their preferredapproach. Activists say offering any kind of college-level courses inhigh school has its own advantages, despite the fact that not everycredit is usually acknowledged. The proponents maintain that byoffering more hard courses, schools raise the bar for students andteachers while those against it warn that forcing students intoindividual courses may, in the long run, hit a snag and lead toregrets in future. Yearsof research show that actively engaged students are better able tolearn and recall information. My ideal high school will introduceinitiatives that will justify incorporating more fun and learninginto your classroom and curriculum so as to encourage brain researchamong students. Some of the initiatives would include providingseveral systems of assessment in various layouts to give a chance tostudents to be able to showcase their understanding in realistic andmeaningful techniques. The assessment will be done steadily andconsistently in a low-risk way while book learning. The formativeassessment implies that students will have the chance to give theirinstructors or teachers real-time response so that lessons can betailored-made to their specific needs.

Teachersin my ideal high school will teach adolescents based on three pillarsnamely acceptance, challenge, and safety. On acceptance, the teacherswill be expected to have anticipations that match those of theaverage adolescent’s state of mind as opposed to condemningstudents for not meeting or living up to their ideal expectations.


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