If I Should Die

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IfI Should Die

IfI Should Die

Thepoem “” by Emily Dickenson is a peaceful depictionof death, and it talks about how life does not stop but continueswhen one dies. It is an illustration of someone who has accepted thatdeath is just a passage that everyone has to undergo, in addition toshowing that everyone must continue to perform their day to dayactivities until their death (Dickinson and Miller, 2016). Thepurpose of this paper is to analyze the situation of death asdepicted in the poem and how it relates to me.

Whena person dies, one gets traumatized and feels empty especially if itwas a relative or a close friend. I remember the day Jodie, mychildhood friend died, I was in school, and I saw my mother by thedoor with the principal requesting me to accompany her home. Onarrival, my mom was able to break the news telling me how Jodie hadbeen knocked down by a speeding car as she tempted to cross the road.I became a shell of myself, and I did not want to live anymorehowever, it took the advice counselor for me to go back to my formerself and start living a rejuvenated life again.

Deathis an element that has a sensitive touch on human beings as it bringsalmost everything to a halt as we reflect and celebrate the life ofthe deceased. One would want to live their life to the fullest, doall that they desire and hope that when death comes, they will beready to grasp it. However, it is not always so since death comeslike a thief, unexpected, abrupt and brutal, leaving behind a trailof pain, anguish, and misery that can go on forever.

Inconclusion, it is notable that death is a stage that everyone mustpass through, but before it strikes, it is essential that everyoneshould enjoy life. The dead wish that they had one more chance tolive, hence the poem hoped to encourage people to continue enjoyinglife despite the loss.


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