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Fromthe facts, it can be indicated that there are various explanationsthat can likely lead to the issues raised in the investigations. Oneof the explanations that can be considered to be a likely source ofthe problem is lack of using electronic records. The AddictionServices Agency (ASA) seems to have a problem in filing itsproceedings because it uses paper records, which results in having alot of chronicles and problems in retrieving information that isrequired. For instance, it emerged that there were voluminous files,which provided information about FAA. This led to problems insearching the necessary information individually. In case there wereelectronic records, the retrieval of information needed could havebeen made easy since with the electrical archiving, it is possible tolocate a specific file that is required at any place.

Anotherlikely explanation for the problem is having the same monitor signingthe monitor reports. In this case, there seems to be an issue ofengaging the monitors in appending signature to their own reports.This makes the reports vulnerable to manipulation by the samemonitoring team since no one would be involved in making correctionsto the reports that they file. This is the likely reason for havingdifferent reports when two monitors’ reports are scrutinized. Thepresence of two monitors is also another probable explanation forhaving a difference in things reported.

Byanalyzing the ASA record of accountability, it can be argued that theorganization is compliant with the guidelines since it understandsthat there is need to prepare records pertaining to its functioningand the steps it should follow in making funding request from thefederal government. In terms of performance, it can be argued thatASA is underperforming in its initiatives. This is because themonitor reports indicate that the organization was not in a positionto reach its target within the timelines it had projected. In itsplan, the organization targeted to enroll 30 patients in theresidential treatment and a minimum of 2 dozens in the outpatienttreatment. However, the records indicate that, after two years, only17 patients enrolled in the residential program and at least tenoutpatients in a month. This was a record lower than the target.Alternatively, the organization is doing well in capacity buildingsince it is involved in reaching out to the community, but themonitor records indicate that only a few individuals in the communityreceive the organization’s support.

Inorder to improve the performance of ASA, I would recommend threethings to the mayor. One of the recommendations that I would proposeto the mayor is to put in place a party that would have an oversightrole over the monitor reports. The party would be responsible forensuring that there is only one monitor and the reports offered wouldbe a true reflection of whatever has been done by the organization.Thus, the oversight party would be answerable for signing monitorreports in order to ensure their accuracy. This would make sure thatthere are no contradicting monitor reports and the informationprovided would be a true mirror of the things that are on the ground.Such a move would help in future investigations where there would beonly one report to follow.

Anotherrecommendation that I would recommend to the mayor is the adoption ofelectronic records. The use of electronic records would make itpossible to do investigations easily in the future. From the casepresented, it was evident that there was a lot of paper work at theASA office, which made it difficult to find all the required andexisting records. The use of paper records has the likelihood ofmaking the office lose some records. Therefore, changing the methodof keeping records from paper work to electronic records will havethe advantage of making it easier to do investigations emanating fromeasy access of records.

Furthermore,I would recommend to the mayor to change the director of the federalof addiction agencies. Although the organization is indicated toreceive $500,000 annually, there is an underperformance. Changing thedirector would provide an opportunity for the FAA to reach its setobjectives.


Inscenario 2, the employer is more likely to be the victim of fraud bythe workers in question. The three employees in the scenariopresented have strong ties since they have been classmates atDartmouth. The reason behind the employer being a victim of fraud bythe three workers is because of the nature of the work that thecompany that they are working for is doing. From the situation, it isevident that Domestic Equities is a company that holds sub-primemortgages on homes, whose bosses have great difficulty in meetingtheir monthly payment. This being the case, there is a likelihood ofhome owners defaulting to pay their monthly payments, which mayresult in the company not having enough resources to motivate theemployees to work. In order to build resources that they could havegained while in employment, the workers may be tempted to engage infraudulent activities in the company.

Basedon the friendship that they developed at Dartmouth, the threeemployees can use it in committing fraud together. Also, because ofthe expertise that the three individuals possess, it can be easy forthem to use their professionalism in duping the employer, which mayresult in huge sums being pulled out of the organization.Furthermore, the opportunity presented to the three employees caneasily help in planning a fraud and the customers that the workersare dealing with can be manipulated with ease, which may present achance for the three employees to engage in defrauding the company alot of resources.