IMPACT OF Technology on Social Change

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IMPACTOF Technology on Social Change


Impactof Technology on Social Change

Technologyhas been defined as the application of scientific knowledge in makingtools that are used to solve certain issues or problems. The use oftechnology has completely altered the way individuals, groups andorganization meet, think, interact, play, travel, learn, work,worship and carry out their daily businesses. It will be rememberedthat 21st century is the period that has shown great advancement intechnology. It has both improved their technologies in automobiles,computers, airplanes, radio, television, cellular phones, and otherspecific areas. As far as technology has been associated withefficient and effectiveness in carrying out activities first andaccurately, it has been seen as a barrier to social change. It hasforced communities to modify and change their behaviors and startviewing things from other perspectives. The essay below discussesboth the positive and negative effects of technology and how it hastriggered the social change in communities.

Technologyhas led to the breakdown of the barriers to social change. Forexample, it empowers individuals with information, teaches them andmakes them engaged, matching them, raising cash and reaching theunderserved[ CITATION Gri15 l 2057 ].It has also led to an improvement of efficient in businesses.Organizations have modified and restructured their businesses byadopting the new technology. Consequently, the new technology adoptedhas led to increase in productivity improving the operations of manybusinesses. On the hand, technology has explored and improvedinformation all over the world. It has given both physically anddisabled equal opportunities to compete favorably.For example, technology has led to telecommuting by employing peoplewho either work part-time or full-time with the comfort of theirzones through electronic networking with their bosses or supervisorswithout necessary moving to offices but at their homes. Throughtelecommuting, disabled people who are unable to move from theirhomes have secured jobs and lead a better job.

Also,technology has led to the scientific application in medicine. Forexample, genetic engineering has led to disabling of genes carryingundesirable character traits by replacing them with genes that havedesirable ones. This has reduced and eradicated certain diseases anddisabilities. Also, sex pre-section is another area in medicine thathas been affected due to technology. In this case, individuals candetermine and choose the gender of their unborn child. Also, doctorscan treat cases of infertility either through artificialinsemination, administering fertility drugs or conducting in vitrofertilization and gamete intra-fallopian transfer through the use oftechnology.

Thediscovery and rise of the internet and the cyberspace in the year the1990s has also improved and advanced the world welfare, businesses,and governance. The world has become digital representing power,freedom, and flexibility that allow individual to reach beyond thetraditional barriers and connect with the larger world as a society.For example, the 2016 presidential election in the USA will remainthe most technology-driven election in the history of the Americans[ CITATION Dav161 l 2057 ].It is the year when the internet was widely used on various socialplatforms like YouTube, Facebook, tweeter to rally and campaign theAmerican politics and its results were evident.

Asmuch as the internet has changed the perception, interaction andthinking of people positively, it has also led to change of thesocial behaviors which are unacceptable. Technology has affected theway children think by altering the actual wiring of the brain. Also,technology has changed the way children feel affecting their abilityto empathize and moods. Further research says that excessive use oftechnology without physical exercises may cause obesity amongindividual which may seem to be a healthy problem to many children[ CITATION Del15 l 2057 ].

Inconclusion, as long as we enjoy using technology to make our workeasier, we must understand that every advantage comes with apotential cost. Understanding these costs and trying to minimizethem, then the use of technology becomes positive. We can minimizethese challenges through close monitoring, being responsible andoffering an alternative to technology among the children. Throughthese, we will be using technology in a positive way.


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