Impacts of Inequality in the USA Education System

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In the United States of America, education is provided by theprivate, public and home schools. It is the state government whichorganizes and sets all the overall standards of education in all thethree areas where education is provided. Public schools are mainlymanaged by the K-12 public school systems. However, the schools arefunded from the federal government, local people, and the state. As aresult, most of the public schools are faced with many inequalitiesin different situations. In this case, the inequalities havesignificant impacts on the success and the life changes of the publicschools. The main issue of inequality which is affecting success andlife changes of students discussed in this paper is racism.

First and foremost, various fundamental education matters are raisedbased on racism in the K-12 public school systems. However, the USK-12 education systems have been associated with violence andvitriol. From history, it has been known that people build theirversion of life and role based on their own interests and believes(Troyna &ampWilliams, 2012). In connection to this, basing theirarguments in racism, the students in schools and adults in thecommunity commit inhumanity and horrific actions which shred theconstructs of humanity in the community. Besides, actions of Racismare traumatic, and they affect the general life of the minoritygroups in any country including the US (Troyna&amp Carrington,2011). For example, lately, theeffects of racism have to lead to death of many African Americans inboth outsides and inside the classrooms. It doesn`t matter whereracism happens because, at the end of the day, the effects arepsychologically harmful to all people including the students. As aresult, education and life of the students is significantly affected,

Secondly, the other issue is various matters that are raised againstracism by different people to prevent the effect of racism in theeducation sector. For example, many organizations and activists areagainst poverty which is connected with racism. For instance, racismmay lead to unemployment among the minority groups in the UnitedStates of America. As a result, the affected group ends up beingunable to cater to the needs of their family. In one way or theother, those kids who come from those families are affected directlyor indirectly, and hence their education is disturbed.

Furthermore, the other important matters based on racism which raiseissues in the education sector include the various actions whichparticular people have taken to raise their voice against racism. Itis suggested that Americans are supposed to move together and raiseissues of racism in education candidly. As a result, the alreadynoticeable impacts of racism in education will be reducedsignificantly (Troyna&amp Williams, 2012). In this case, it is suggestedthat people are supposed to form organizations and civic campaignrallies against racism. Moreover, the other issue proposed to fightagainst racism is the brave conversations towards the entirepopulation of the US to abandon racism which to a large extent isaffecting the quality of education in the public schools.

However, it has been evident that racism has threatened education inAmerica. In connection with this issue, racism has raised economyand led created social inequality which has brought many negativechanges in the American school system. Moreover, racism has weakenedfamilies and neighborhoods which as a result have affected theeducation systems in the country (Troyna&amp Carrington,2011). Notably, it has also made thereform systems in the education systems to be more difficult. As aresult, racism has made the state to take the pride of many people,especially the minority groups. As a result, performance in theireducation systems is weakening as racism is increasing.

Racism has led to widening of the gaps among people in the society,and this has caused discrimination of the minority groups in thesociety. Moreover, it has also led to inequality in the attainmentof skills to the students in various both public and private schools.It has also affected the life of the students in the family, schoolsand how they are perceived in the entire country (Troyna&amp Carrington,2011). The people of America shouldfight towards hard work and sacrifice which should focus on a betterlife for their children and this will happen if and only if racismand all other forms of inequality are abandoned once and for all. Onthe other hand, it has been evident that racism is causing asignificant impact on education especially the K-12 public system inmany ways and as a result racism should be fought by all means.


Racism has greatly affected the K-12 education system which usuallyorganizes and develops and supervises education through a board ofstate colleges and board of regents. As a result, the racism hasaffected the life and performance of many students in the USA. Inconnection to this, it is advisable that the public shouldparticipate in fighting against racism and any other forms ofinequality which are affecting the future and lives of a large groupof citizens. In general, all forms of inequality in any countryshould be fought to avoid adverse effects in the sensitive areas likeeducation and many more others.


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