Importance of IOM

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Importanceof IOM


Workof Robert Johnson Foundation Committee

TheRWJF Committee together with the Institution of Medicine (IOM)proposed a collaboration to evaluate and take action for thenecessity to advance the nursing occupation and give resolutions forthe multifaceted health challenges that face the U.S. and othercountries. Through this, a partnership was created to help the nationto improve its health and ensure that the nursing labor force has therequired capability to encounter the existing and forthcoming medicalcare desires of the whole community.

TheRobert Woods Johnson Foundation Committee formed an initiative withthe IOM on the future of nursing it was tasked to give a reportsummarizing approvals for an action-based plan for the destiny ofnursing that included variations in the community and formalregulations at the state and community level. The responsibility ofthe team was to evaluate the capacity of clinical staff in meetingthe demand of a transformed public health structure this could havedefined a clear agenda and outline that addressed the system shiftssuch as innovation and nursing shortage. Equally, it called foraction in expanding the nursing facility, improving the capabilityfor nursing school and restructuring nursing education and trainingto ensure proper and adequate number of experienced and competentnurses (Institute of Medicine, 2011).

Thecommittee also examined and produced approvals related to theobjective that recognize the important roles of clinicians inplanning and executing well-organized health care service systems.This conceptualized duties of nurses in the whole labor force,community challenges and present and future development oftechnology. On the other hand, the initiative attracted and retainedmore trained physicians in different care situations that includedcritical, ambulatory, basic care and public health this gave moreemphasis on community participation and nursing education incombination with public forums to learn how nurses work in differentclinical and educational scenarios.

Importanceof Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report

TheIOM report gives recommendations that the federal government, state,and private research financiers should create a coordinateddetermination to capitalize on research to improve actions takenwhile evaluating the procedures and results of care this wouldrespond to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act since itwill maintain and update standards with input from theabove-mentioned participants. Through the Medicare and MedicaidServices, people with serious mental illness and physicalco-morbidities have been recognized, and measures to incorporatetheir care into the Demonstration Programs that improve the qualityof services have been enhanced as result of the IOM report approvals(Young, 2014).

Thereport developed that nurses should work to the complete range oftheir education capacity and skills a number of obstacles thatprevents nurses from practicing and responding efficiently tofast-changing health care and a developing medical care systemsshould be overwhelmed to guarantee that nurses can lead the changeand advance medical services (Grossman &amp Valiga, 2016). Sincenurses have the capacity to lead advanced approaches to expand healthcare structures, the report approved that nurses should use healthinformation technology for quality measurements and improvement ofmedical care as well develop solutions impacting the future ofnursing.

TheIOM report gave that healthcare institution and nursing collegesshould rise chances for nursing scholars to carry out research andempower advanced practice the goals is to provide scheme of paymentsand health care service delivery that are utilized by nurses in adeveloped leadership capacity. This enhance positive results andreduce medical cost. As nurses are the majority in healthcare laborforce, they ought to take a crucial role in understanding health caretransformations.

Roleof State-based Action Coalition and Initiatives Spearheaded by theCalifornia State’s Campaign for Action

Asillustrated by the (Campaign for Action Organization), the ActionCoalition in every state carry out the campaign at the local andnational level. The campaigners from the community, involving agentsfrom health institutions, commercial and training sectors arespearheading the development of a healthier community throughnursing. The State Action Coalitions controlled by nurses also drivechanges locally by working to change health care through nursingprograms and initiatives, and the purpose is to guide enactment ofcommendations of the IOM’s milestone report.

Equally,as medical needs for American people develop and change, a largernumber of well trained and educated medical care experts are neededto promote health of the whole country hence State-based ActionCoalitions are put forward to address these issues using the skillsand know-how of nurses (Iglehart, 2013). The AARP center in Americain a dynamic collaboration of state-based action coalition inCalifornia and it has moved forward at the community and state levelto advocate the following initiatives.

First,improving access to care, fostering interpersonal collaboration,increasing diversity and transforming nursing education initiativehas shown positive nursing trends in leadership and scope of practiceto the future of nursing. It indicates that more employed nurses havea higher degree in nursing and top nursing schools have increased thenumber of inter-professional experiences among nurses and otherhealth practitioners. Similarly, progress is seen in the growth ofhospitals, nurses and increased ethnic diversity in the nursingworkforce.

Secondly,The Pre-Term Birth initiative in California has given purpose tocommunity collaboration in its effort to solve problems that affectwomen and the poor. This has enhanced leadership in nursing throughculture relations. Since the community expertise in nursing comesfrom women who have preterm babies or whose lives reflects the socialand medical status associated with community involved, it has helpedto determine what should be researched. This has also improvedmedical research since hearing from people who experience thecondition aid researchers to conduct a good assessment.

Inconclusion, efforts to remove barriers to nursing practice and carein California has not been achieved despite the IOM recommendations.The issue has been pressing and the policymakers have suggested thatnursing professionals can utilize their talents for what is neededand patients should have a choice of different clinicians who willmatch their needs and desires. In this case, nurses must be totalassociates with medical professions in reforming health services.Likewise, from the IOM recommendations, nurses must attain advancedtraining and education.


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