Importance of Privacy and Security

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Importanceof Privacy and Security

Importanceof Privacy and Security

Privacyin healthcare is distinct from confidentiality as it is the rightpatients or rather clients have in making decisions that demand howtheir information can be shared. On the other hand, security refersto the protection of the various means used to protect healthinformation, as well as, those professionals keeping privateinformation.

Firstly,it is important to note that privacy is vital in limiting how aclient`s information is used therefore, it only permits theimportant use of such information (Prater, 2014). For instance, apatient`s private information can only be utilized in thedocumentation of billing processes and not for other selfish use.Indeed, the privacy rule in the USA, for instance, has reduced thenumber of suits filed against health professionals and the hospitalat large hence, reducing costs incurred in the law process.

Secondly,the concept of security for a long time implied that a lot ofpaperwork had to be locked in a cabinet. In the new millennium,things have changed where many electronic medical records are used.For example, the security of documents related to patients isessential in billing patients after they are discharged from thehospital (Prater, 2014). Also, security has increased theaccountability among the employees involved in the protection in thesense that people follow guidelines required in the access of healthinformation kept private.

Tosum up, the privacy of health information goes hand in hand withsecurity in the sense that professionals are keeping these data tothemselves and not sharing to unauthorized parties. Therefore,privacy, on the one hand, ensures that patient details are restrictedto the authorized individuals whereas, on the contrary, securityensures that documents kept manually or electronically are stored forfuture uses.


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