Importance of the Functions of Integumentary System

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Importanceof the Functions of Integumentary System


Importanceof the Functions of Integumentary System

Theintegumentary system plays fundamental roles in the human body.Primarily, it consists of various body organs and parts such as theskin, sweat glands, hair, nails, and nerve endings (Hechtman, 2012).The research paper seeks to establish the significance of thefunctions of the integumentary system.


Theskin is a major constituent of the integumentary system and also thelargest body organ. The primary function of the integumentary systemis to protect the body from external factors such as water, wind, andsunlight (Hechtman, 2012). Additionally, it offers protection fromdisease agents such as fungi and bacteria.


Theskin consists of three layers, epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis.They contain sensory nerve structures that help detect pain,temperatures, and touch. The sensory function of the integumentarysystem helps individuals detect any physical changes on the skin.


Inconcert with the sympathetic system, the integumentary system helpsregulate the body temperature. The sweat glands are responsible forsecreting water, salt, among other substances that help the body coolwhen it is warm.

Synthesisof Vitamin D

Theexposure of the epidermal layer to UV radiation leads to themanufacture of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is essential becauseit facilitates the absorption of phosphorous and calcium, necessaryfor healthy bones.

Excretionand Absorption

Theeccrine sudoriferous glands are responsible for the secretion ofwaste products out of the body. The sweat excreted containselectrolytes such as calcium and magnesium and traces of chemicalssuch as alcohol.


Thehuman body comprises of myriad systems that work jointly to ensure itfunctions properly and more efficiently. Therefore, the integumentarysystem performs an indispensable function in ensuring that otherprocesses run smoothly.


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