Inclusion Class

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Themajor role of a classroom teacher is to use his/her skills toinstruct and educate the student in the curricula set by the academicsystem. On the other hand, a special education personnel providescurricula instructions to his/her students through adapting anddeveloping materials that match the special needs, strengths andlearning styles of each student (Yanoff, 2011). The purpose of thisessay is to lok at the role of the classroom teacher with specialeducation personnel in different types of programs.

Teachersprovide both training and experience in learning processes as well asin teaching techniques. The classroom teacher and special educationpersonnel collaborative goals are to provide students with bothclassroom and homework assignments for them to learn, feel challengedand participate in classroom processes.

Inan inclusion classroom, non-disabled students are taught alongsidethose with disabilities and special needs instead of segregating themin special rooms. To meet the needs of all students in an inclusionroom, the classroom teacher and special education personnel need towork alongside each other. In such a classroom, both teachers engagein planning and designing of lesson plans that meets the needs of allstudents. In some cases, the classroom teacher plans the lessons andthe special education personnel adapts those lessons to meet theneeds of students with special needs (Yanoff, 2011). In other cases,the two teachers present lessons in turns. Despite the specialeducation personnel focusing on special needs students, he/she hasthe mandate of helping the classroom teacher in classroom management.Students should listen and respect the special education personnelauthority in class. The personnel help in the setting of classroomrules and arrangements as well as in creating a conducive environmentfor students with special needs. More so, the special need personnelhas more responsibility than other teachers such as ensuring thatlaws on people with special needs are followed to the core withoutany violations.

Inconclusion, a classroom teacher plays a major role in the educationsector. It is through teachers that it is possible to deliver qualityeducation to students.


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