Inductive Reasoning 2

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InductiveReasoning 2

InductiveReasoning 2

Ihave chosen the topic on whether or not UFOs exist. The topic isinteresting since I have never met any extraterrestrial object. Thosewho support the argument that unidentified flying objects exist claimthat over the years there are tons of UFO sightings on record.Besides, scientists, particularly astronomers have reported seeingstrange objects while going on with their chores of exploring thespace. The military has also reported observing unidentifiableobjects using their surveillance technologies. Additionally, therewas an airborne object that crashed on a ranch in New Mexico(Discovery Channel, 2017).

Onthe other hand, those who believe that UFOs do not exist argue thatthe unidentified flying objects emanate from lightning sprites,missile tests, cloud formations, and military experiments. Forinstance, some people claim that the reason New Mexico experiencedmany UFOs recordings, particularly during the 1950s is because thatis where most of the top-secret military experiments were conducted.There is also the argument that the recordings of UFOs are made byordinary people who are unable to capture enough details of theunidentified flying objects for further analysis by experts (Do UFO’sAnd Aliens Exist? 20 Reasons To Be Skeptical, 2017).

Thosewho believe that UFOs exist use the argument that there are objectsthat are seen in the space or on the earth surface that even expertsare unaware of their existence. This leaves only one possibleexplanation the objects belong to no individual or country thatexists below the sun. Therefore, these objects belong to othercreatures that live in other exoplanets. On the other hand, thosewho oppose the arguments that UFOs exist show that the unidentifiedflying objects are either as a result of natural events or belong toorganizations who do not want to explain how one of their gadgetsended up in the space.

Accordingto me, the unidentified objects belong to people who do not see theneed to explain how their objects ended up in another country`s orregion`s airspace. World governments are testing either weapons oraircraft regularly, and some of these gadgets fail terribly. Nocountry can have the audacity to publicize its failures. One of themajor weaknesses of this argument is that it lacks evidence tosupport it. Thus, this argument can be stronger if I incorporatestatistics showing the number of aircraft tested by differentcountries annually.


P1:There are tons of UFO sightings on record.

P2:Astronomers and the military personnel have reported detectingunidentifiable objects using their surveillance technologies.

Conclusion:Therefore, UFOs exist,


P1:The unidentified flying objects emanate from lightning sprites,missile tests, cloud formations, and military experiments.

P2:New Mexico experienced many UFOs recordings, particularly during the1950s because that is where most of the top-secret militaryexperiments were conducted.

Conclusion:Therefore, UFOs do not exist.


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