Informational Interview

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  1. I feel that I am the best candidate for Two Capital Partners in Atlanta because of the outstanding qualifications that I have.

  2. The organization stands a great chance of benefitting from the skills, thereby providing an opportunity for expanding their business and realizing a higher profit margin.

  1. Benefits that the company stands to achieve from me

  1. Prior Experience

  1. I have traded in the mortgage business for 19 years, and I know most of the loopholes in the business.

  2. I am better placed at knowing the kind of business, which will benefit the organization and that which will fail (Ideal Mortgage Services).

  1. Established Customer Base

Theteam will benefit from my client base because I am known in themortgage business. By hiring me, I will be bringing some of my formerclients in the business.

  1. Educational Background in Management

Additionally,I will be of great benefit to the organization after graduating.

Ibelieve that my degree in Business Administration will be astepping-stone in thebusiness as far as the management of thebusiness is concerned.

  1. Additional Skills

  1. Communication Skills and Team Spirit

  1. Being a mortgage investor requires other skills such as communication and leadership skills (Ideal Mortgage Services).

  2. Being that I am a team player, I have a belief that when I am hired, I will be of great help in bringing the staff together for the greater good of the organization.

  3. I will be able to collaborate with different individuals to share ideas, which are of benefit to the organization.

  1. Conclusion

  1. The mortgage business does not require an individual who is silent being versatile is an added advantage and a score in selling and renting houses.

  2. I strongly hope that Two Capital Partners will consider me for the post.


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