Informative Speech about the Life of Ants

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  1. Attention Getter: I would like to talk about insects that are smaller than a paper clip, yet they are able to carry objects that are three times heavier than their weight.

  2. Thesis Statement: I will inform you on the life of ants that includes their social structure, where they live and their lifespan.

  3. Relevance: Ants are small creatures that are often ignored by human beings. Hence, many people do not know about the life of ants. The speech enlightens listeners about the insects.

  4. Preview of Main Points: I will talk about the life of ants by focusing on the social structure of ants, where they live and their lifespan.


  1. Social Structure

  1. According to the National Geographic (1), ants live in colonies. A colony comprises of a queen, workers and male ants.

  2. The role of the queen is to lay eggs. The workers are female ants that do not reproduce. Workers take care of the eggs laid by the queen, build anthills, search for food and protect the colony. Male ants are responsible for mating with the queen.

Transition Statement: Now that you have learnt about the socialstructure of ants, I would like to inform you on where the colonylives:

  1. Where Ants Live

  1. Ants live in permanent homes referred to as nests. The worker ants build nests in trees, under leaves or wood. Also, some ants build anthills that resemble tall piles of soil (Dellosa 336).

  2. However, some ant species, like army ants, do not live in nests. Army ants do not have permanent homes because they migrate frequently from one location to another, in search of food (National Geographic 1).

Transition Statement: Now that you are informed on where ants live, Iwould like to enlighten you on their lifespan:

  1. Lifespan

  1. Queen ants live longer compared to male and worker ants. In successful colonies, the queen lives for close to fifteen years (Fuller 50).

  2. Male ants die after mating with the queen, while worker ants live for barely one year.


  1. Summary of Main Points: The speech informs that ants live in colonies that comprise of queens, workers and male ants. Queens live nearly fifteen years, male ants die after mating and workers live for almost one year. Ants build permanent homes called nests.

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