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AnAmerican treasure hunter finds 500 million Portuguese old cointreasures around Peru’s ocean. The owner of the coins was a Spanishwho was attacked by the British. Who should have the treasures? Thisis a very complicated case involving five countries, all having someconnections to the coins. However, according to this article, eventhough the coins were previously owned by the Spanish, the Americantreasure hunter has full rights of the coins’ ownership. Thearticle will, therefore, provide the reason why the American’sshould own the treasures and not the other four countries.

Thoughthe coins belonged to Spanish, the Americans should have thetreasures. The most obvious reason as to why the Americans deservethe possession of the treasures is that it was the American treasurehunter that found them. Without the hard work and dedication of thehunter, the coins could have never been found. The fact that thecoins are old, gives the Americans the reason beyond doubt that noone has been able to find the coins for a very long time. This can betranslated that no one was trying as hard as the Americans to unearththe treasures. Another thing that makes the Americans the rightfulowners of the treasures is that the other countries involved in theownership battle, none deserves its possession. Finally, theAmericans showed dedication more than the other four countries tohunt for the treasures. Their dedication was paid off by the 500million treasures.

Perudoes not deserve the ownership of the treasures, first because itdoes not have any links to the coins apart from the fact that theywere found in the country’s oceans. In case a Peruvian found thetreasures, then they could be right to claim the ownership of thecoins. Additionally, the coins had already taken longer days at theoceans of Peru with no one finding their location. The treasures arePortuguese coins, dragging the Portuguese in the battle. However, thePortuguese should not even claim for the possession of the treasuresin the first place. Everyone has a right to own any currency theylike. If a Canadian owns an American dollar, that dollar belongs to aCanadian, not America. The same case is with the Portuguese in thiscase, the Spanish owned their currency they, therefore, have noobligation to fight for the treasure. The Spanish, on the other hand,lost the coins in the deep sea waters. To proclaim the possession ofthe treasure, they must have put some effort to find the lost coins.Once the coins were lost in the sea, anybody who found them had aright to own them. Finally, for the British, just like thePortuguese, they have no relevant connections to the coins. In fact,the Spanish should be suing them for the attack.

Havinglooked at some of the reasons why the Americans should have thetreasures, and why the other four countries should not, it can beconcluded that the biggest advantage the Americans had is that theywere more dedicated. Therefore, it can be concluded that theAmericans deserves the full possession of the treasures because theydiscovered it after it stayed in the water for a very long time.Without their efforts, the coins could have gone undiscoveredforever hence no one could have made claims for their possession.