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“Contributionof Social and Family Factors in Anorexia Nervosa”

“Contributionof the social and family factors in anorexia nervosa” is an articleextracted from the Health Science journal. The article was written bythree authors namely Greta Wozniak who is a doctor working with theNursing Department in the Applied University of Larissa in Greece.Also, Maria Rekleiti who has a master’s degree in science workingin the general hospital of Korinthos in Greece and Zoe Roupa workingas a professor coordinator for the Nursing Programme School ofScience in the European University contributed to the publication ofthe article. The article is in volume six and was published in 02,April to June 2012. The pages of the articles run from 257 to 269 inthe main journal. The authors’ tries to explain the social andfamily as the main contributions to anorexia nervosa by highlightingthe difficult issues concerning the treatment, the intervention andprevention of the disorder.

Thetitle of the article, “Contribution of Social and Family Factors inAnorexia Nervosa” to some extent it does not match with the mainaim and purpose of the study. From the thesis given in theintroductory paragraph, it states clearly that, “the purpose of thestudy was to establish and highlight the difficult issues surroundingthe treatment, the early intercession and the ways of avoiding theanorexia nervosa.” Therefore, the authors ought to have given thearticle the most suitable title that fits the purpose and aim of thestudy. Much of the information in the article is in the intervention,prevention, and treatment of the disorder. Less has been said how thefamily and social factors can influence and contribute to thedisorder. Therefore, the authors could have talked about the anorexianervosa as a cause of eating disorder and the appropriate measuresthat can be put to manage and control the disorder.

The authors have started by giving a short and precise summary asan abstract. At this section, they have mentioned the main aim of thestudy, the method of study used to gather the information, theresults established and the conclusions made at the end. Therefore,the abstract is specific and in the right form as required in thiscase. The authors have also outlined all the steps required thoughnot much information is given. The background information does nottalk much about the causes of anorexia nervosa in that it generalizesthe causes. At this point the authors are not specific in nature thusthe readers might get confused which of the psychological, social,biological and cultural factors that can cause the disorder. Theauthors ought to be specific to eliminate the doubts amongindividuals concerning the causes of the disorder.

Atthe introductory paragraph, the authors have not explained vividlywhat the condition of the anorexia nervosa is. For instance, thosepeople who are not aware of the condition might get confused aboutthe content of the article. At this point, the authors need to beopen and tell the readers that anorexia nervosa is a condition thatresults from eating disorders that can cause health problems andserious weight loss[ CITATION Mel17 l 2057 ].Also at this point, the authors need to open the minds of the readersby informing them the main types of anorexia nervosa. For example,the authors should inform the people that the types of thesedisorders are restricting type where one achieves the weight lossthrough restricting the caloriesconsumed. The other type is the purging anorexia where one achievesweight loss through vomiting or laxatives and diuretics. Throughadding this information, the readers get an insight what the articletries to explain or analyze. The thesis given in this case is preciseperfect and encompasses all that the authors try to talk about butshould be broad enough to accommodate the title of the article.

Thearticle of the “Contribution of social and family factors inanorexia nervosa” is somehow irrelevant to some extent. The authorshave used contradicting theories to explain the various factors thatcause the disorder. For instance, the theory of etiology of anorexianervosa and associated factors states that, the disorder can becaused by the coalescence of biological, social-cultural,psychological and psychical factors while the theory of the unknownetiology proposes that both the psychological, biological and socialfactors differ from one individual to another. Therefore still muchhas to be done in that there is no any particular pathogen that isknown to cause the problem.

The article follows the right sequence that makes the ideas flow inan orderly manner. For instance, the body gives a full explanation ofthe disorder. For example, they start by informing the readers thevarious causes of anorexia nervosa, the symptoms and the behavioralcharacteristics, the effects of the disorder, the diagnosis and thetreatment of the disorder. Through mentioning all these, it meansthat the authors were logical and systematic in their work. Thearrangement reflects the flow of ideas in the article that gives agood connection from one idea to another idea.

Thoughthe authors have organized their work in a systematic manner, theyneed to emphasize some points. For example, the causes are notspecific in nature in this case. The causes of psychological, socialbiological factors given tend to differ and vary among individuals asper the explanations of the theories. The theories give a shallowdiscussion of the causes which needs to be emphasized by adding moreinformation to bring out a clear meaning. The theories need to beexpanded by stating the assumptions behind them. On the other hand,the authors should have given several statistical data to demonstratehow the problem is affecting a great number of people. The data thatis given is not enough to expose the disorder as dangerous. Thereforethe author should have done more research ion the problem to gatherenough data[ CITATION Sur13 l 2057 ].

Also,the authors have omitted very crucial steps in their work. Forexample, they have not given the recommendations on what should bedone. Also, a good article explaining the disorder of the anorexianervosa should highlight the steps towards anorexia recovery. Theauthors would have recommended the following steps as outlined in thearticle of the Anorexia nervosa[ CITATION Mel17 l 2057 ].

i.Admitting that you have the disorder through accepting yourselfthe way you are towards healing.

ii.Talking to someone about what you are going through to get to getsupport

iii.Moving away from the materials, people, places and activities thatmight elicit your obsession of being thin.

iv.Lastly one can seek professional help which can be in the form ofsupport and advice which can help one regain back his health

Throughfollowing these steps, one can heal from this disorder. Therefore theauthors should have outlined these steps to help the readers on howto Approach this problem. Through, this steps individual gets to knowthemselves and appreciate the condition as the first step towardsmanaging and controlling it.

Inconclusion, the, “Contribution of social and family factors inanorexia nervosa” article is relevant and to the point inapproaching the eating disorder of the anorexia nervosa. At the sametime, the article is irrelevant in that it gives contradictinginformation.


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