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A Development Methodology for a Streaming Media Service

In the modern world, services of continuous media streaming havebecome important in business functions. The technology allowsreal-time presentation and distribution of multimedia content via theinternet and therefore provides convenience to consumers. To developan excellent streaming media service, the service provider needs tochoose the best methodology for system development. Therefore, thepaper presents Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology as a techniquefor developing a streaming media service, the impacts of the methodon the system and the development team, and system components`development.

XP methodology divides the project into planning, designing, coding,and testing phases which allow more improved results. The approachimproves system communication between users and developer since itallows close customer participation, small releases and interactions(Rajagopalan &amp Mathew 42). Also, the method enables the system toenhance customer satisfaction as it allows the developer to provide arapid response to changes in business needs. Furthermore, theapproach permits continuous reviews and revamps resulting in aquicker and successful system.

In regards to the development team, the methodology promotes teamworkamong the programmers as they consistently engage in communicationswith colleagues and customers to deliver a quality system. Besides,the approach enhances respect and courage among members of thedevelopment team. The success of each stage deepens the respect foreach member`s contribution, while the managing of continuous userfeedbacks builds the courage to handle the changing technologicalrequirements.

For effectiveness, the methodology recommends separate development ofsystem components. To obtain the best results, programmers must onlyproceed to the next stage after successful completion of a previousstage.

Regarding the overall themes, XP brings out an empowering todevelopers to confidently react to the changing consumer requirementsthrough an establishment of a system that focuses on customersatisfaction.

In conclusion, Extreme Programming is the best approach to developinga streaming media service. The methodology enhances systemcommunication, customer satisfaction, teamwork, respect and courageamong the development team. The method allows for the separatedevelopment of system components and empowers developers to respondto consumer requirements.

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