Integrated Global HR Strategic Staffing System

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IntegratedGlobal HR Strategic Staffing System

IntegratedGlobal HR Strategic Staffing System

TechnoWave: Country Manager

TechnoWave is a technology and consulting multinational based in the USthat requires to fill-up a country manager job vacancy in Kenya, tooversee the firm’s business in the emerging East African market.Techno Wave has segmented its African market into five zones –North, South, East West and Central for effectiveness purposes. Thispaper contains the strategic staffing system for the company’s HRdepartment including the job analysis, a recruitment plan, and theselection criteria for the position of a country manager.

JobAnalysis and Description

Giventhe geographical sizes of African countries’, the country manageris expected to oversee the operations of a zone. The manager isexpected to be in control of the firm’s operations, its financialperformance, and to grow the business commercially within theidentified zone (TheNational Community Service, 2017). Amongthe specific functions of the country manager within Kenya and thelarger East African region will include:


  • To take control over the financial performance and position, including the generation of the accompanying statutory and other reports for the company within the East African zone (Phillips &amp Gully, 2015).

  • To implement and reconcile the annual budget of the organization within their zone.

  • The manager will also be responsible for creating business strategies and setting performance targets for their zone to ensure the overall objectives of the organization are achieved in those regions.

  • A key responsibility for the country managers is to recruit and manage staff to ensure maximum output per unit labor is achieved within their segment of the business.

  • The manager will also be responsible for handling all the necessary external business interactions within their zones. This will ensure that new business is created while old relationships are maintained.

  • The manager should also create and implement internal systems for the smooth movement of commercial and financial information to other areas of the business. These areas including other business zones and the head office.


  • The candidate for this position should have a master’s degree in business management or a related course. Professional qualification in financial management or planning and budgeting will be an added advantage.

  • A minimum of five years professional work experience in the general management or a similar position within the East African region or globally is required.

  • The successful candidate should have the necessary knowledge of the technology industry and its products.

  • The applicant should also have the legal capacity to work in Kenya considering it will be the headquarters for the zone.

  • The candidate should also have strong networking skills.

  • Customer service skills are also important to manage the numerous daily interactions.

  • The holder of this position is expected to have decision-making skills and also be a strategic thinker.


Theentire East African zone reports directly or indirectly to thecountry manager, as the overall supervisor. The country manager willreport to the regional manager, as their direct supervisor.


Thejob will be stationed in Nairobi, Kenya but frequent travel acrossthe region should be expected. There will also be external travel tothe other zones and the US head quarters, for business purposes, butat a lesser scale. The country manager may also delegate some dutiesthat may require traveling to other responsible staff members, butupon providing prior notice and substantiating it to the relevantauthority.



Tocome up with a long-term recruitment plan for a country manager’sposition, to be based in Kenya, creating a timeline for the ongoingactivities and implementing it. This will ensure that the recruitmentgoals are achieved.


Toselect the best candidate from the list of applicants, for thecountry manager position in Techno Wave East African zone.


Thecompany will employ a combination of two strategies to source forapplications for the vacant position. Due to the seriousness of thejob, a familiar candidate would be better placed. This has led us tosource internally from the qualified staff members willing to growwithin the organization’s hierarchy (TheNational Community Service, 2017).The second strategy will be on paid online recruitment sites that geta lot of traffic from qualified job seekers. This strategy is alsofar reaching and will attract applications from all parts of theworld.


  • Criteria for performance management for this position is developed and approved.

  • Generating the appropriate salary scale for the country manager while factoring in all the labor market and economic statistics.

  • Developing an approval form for the advertized position and sending it to the finance department for budget review and recommendations.

  • The recruiting committee will meet to deliberate and come up with the approved recruitment strategies.

  • The committee will also determine the most effective channel for advertizing the vacant position and come up with the specific details of the narrative.

  • An inter-departmental communication plan for the recruitment process to its completion.

  • The interview team will be selected and given the necessary training.

  • The developed and approved advertisement narrative is sent to the selected media outlet for placement.

  • Finally, the ranking of received applications is done based on the already approved criteria.

SelectionCriteria for the Country Manager Position

DevelopScreening Criteria

Usingthe minimum qualifications identified earlier, as a base, theselection committee will develop standards. The numerousapplications and resume received on the position will be reviewedagainst these standards (Phillips &amp Gully, 2015). The selectioncriteria for the country manager position will include the followingassessment criteria:

  • Does the candidate have a master’s degree in business management or equivalent educational qualifications from approved institutions?

  • Does the applicant hold any professional qualifications in financial management or planning and budgeting?

  • Does the candidate possess the minimum required five years managerial level working experience?

  • Is the job application from within the company or from a new external candidate?

  • Does the applicant possess the necessary legal requirements to work in Kenya and the other East African countries?

ScreenCover Letters and Resumes

Consideringthe importance of communication skills for the holder of thisposition, the cover letter will be used to gauge the levels. Simpleaspects like correct grammar, the format and the length of the letterwill be noted. Deeper aspects like the level of personalization ofthe letter and its contents will determine the communication skillsof the applicant. Similarly, the resume will be screen using thesimple aspects like grammar, length before the contents are analyzedagainst the criteria identified earlier. Additional information likethe historical job progress of the applicant will also be accessible.Upon completion of the process, the screening team willcross-reference the results to determine the candidates to be invitedfor the interview process.

RequestEmployment Application Form

Thesuccessful applicants will be informed through the email and anotherpreferred media with an employment applications form.Astandardized employment application form will be filled by thecandidates to collect any relevant additional information. Thestandardization will enable comparability across applications giventhat resumes have different formats and structures.


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