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26thMarch 2017


Likeall entrepreneurs, it is vital to take new challenges that wouldimprove the chances of expanding a business (Abdia &amp Irandoustb,2013). In this case, Smith and Taylor are offering an opportunity toexpand my event planning internationally by organizing an AsianEvent. For this event, I will select the destination marketingorganization (DMO) approach for this event in order to increase thenumber of visitors expected for in it. This approach will be able toattract tourists and businesspersons to enhance economic growth forthe destination. There is sufficient time and details provided forarrangements and consultations in order to select the rightschedules, location, and visitors. Furthermore, the DMO will be ableto organize for transport and hotels for the important personnelexpected in the event in a secure area. In essence, it will be vitalto ensure that this chance gives me an opportunity to reach out toother businesspeople across the world in order to expand my business.In a bid to do this, I will would like to have a personal touch withthis market while striving to make the event outstanding and beyondexpectation. I would like to retain these two customers and satisfythem in a way that they would recommend my business in other places.

Iwill commence this exercise by ensuring that there are DMO companiesin Asia will to adopt my event in order to gather information on whatcan be done. I will search these companies using the ICCA in order toidentify the best organizations. One destination in Italy can beSouth Korea where one of the key planners is Korea TourismOrganization that is under the ministry of Culture and Tourism(Sorokina, 2015). It would be a good choice since it will be set tomeet the standards of cultural differences across the divide in orderto make all people satisfied. I would call to see what they wouldoffer for such an event in terms of food, accommodation, leisure, andsecurity. I would also like to compare this organization with theConvention Bureau Italia which is not only a local networkingplatform but also a tourist planning organization. For organizationalreviews, the company has an advantage of receiving commendations fromthe previous customers especially because it promotes the vigor oftourisms for Italy destinations. In perspective, Italy is a diverseculture country offering diverse experiences from it trainedpersonnel. I would contact to request a proposal for the eventindicating that I am looking for the best destination for the affairsdescribe by Smith and Taylor. It would also be vital to includeanother RFP in order to increase the chances of getting the bestlocation and services (Sorokina, 2015). The third choice would beJordan. The DMO is called Jordan Tourism Board that operates as apartially private and public organization. It uses marketingapproaches to brand Jordan to the international community where ithas improved tourism in the region since 1998. The organization isable to organize road shows, press trips, trade workshops, and mediarelations among other events. This exposure may offer good humanresources and capital for the proposed event. It would be importantto send this RFP to get a reply on what they would offer for theevent and how effective it would be. With the 3 companies anddestination, I would request that response by given in precisely 3weeks in order to select the best place for the event.

Afterreceiving the RFP responses, I would evaluate them to determine theone offering the best services and placement. They will graded interms of security, human resources competence, commitment to meet allthe requirements up to standards, punctuality, capabilities,inclusion of diversity, location advantages, and abilities to marketthe event to the right targets (Rojek, 2014). It can take 7 days tomake the best conclusion. I would then arrange the 3 destination inthe order of their competence where the best company will be atposition one. The next month would be on assessment of the bestcompany to confirm that it has the capabilities to successfullyhandle the event activities and schedule outlined in the RFP tostandards. In this respect, I would arrange a journey to the selectedcountry and company to discuss the costs of all the event activities.Although the companies will have suggested their prices for handlingprices, it is important to ensure value for money. The quality ofservices should fit the money being given. If the company does notprove its competence to meet the standards, then I would move to thesecond one. This evaluation process may take 3 weeks in order toidentify the organization offering the best offers. The tender can begiven to enhance the implementation of the selected company plan.

Afterassigning the project and funding it accordingly, I will requireprogress reports to ensure that everything is being addressed. Itwill be important to ensure that the project is complete one weekbefore the event can take place. Once the event commences, I wouldmake my personal goal to ensure that I connect with otherbusinesspersons in the event.


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