Internet Marketing Outline

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InternetMarketing Outline

  1. What is internet marketing?

  2. What is the history of internet marketing? When did it start? How are people using it now? What is its future?

  3. Thesis statement: what are the types of internet marketing, their advantages, and disadvantages?

  1. The types of internet marketing

  1. What is email marketing and how does it help companies or businesses reach their potential customers?

  2. What is social marketing? What is the impact of social marketing popularity on local businesses?

  3. What is blogging and how have businesses adapted it in promoting their businesses? (Hsu et al., 2013)

  4. What is mobile marketing? How have marketers embraced it? What are the motivators towards the application of mobile phone for mobile marketing? What are advantages of a Smartphone? (Persaud &ampAzhar, 2012) For example, how does it help in the building of strong relationships between a business and its clients? (Ström, Vendel, &amp Bredican, 2014).

  5. The contributions of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) (Gangeshwer, 2013).

  1. What are the advantages of internet marketing?

  1. How does internet marketing, such as mobile marketing help in increasing the value of retailers and customers?

  2. How is it cost effective? For example, how does it help in reduction of management cost?

  3. How does internet marketing enhance accountability?

  4. How has it enhanced economic globalization through making the world a global village

  5. Does internet marketing increase managers understanding of businesses? (Ström, Vendel, &amp Bredican, 2014).

  6. What are the benefits of integrating internet marketing with traditional advertising approaches such as radio and newspapers? (Nosrati et al., 2013)

  1. What are the shortcomings of internet marketing approach such as social media marketing? (Tiago &amp Veríssimo, 2014)

  1. How do they create competitive disadvantage

  2. Limited access due to lack of internet by many potential clients

  3. How does internet marketing promote illegal/unethical practices

  4. The lack of transparency

  1. Conclusion: Technology improvements are signs of a great future for internet marketing. Social media, mobile, and email marketing help in increasing value of goods and services and cost reduction. Users need to emphasize on transparency to promote ethical practices.

  2. Recommendation: Businesses and industries need to campaign for a global increase in internet coverage to promote internet marketing in all world countries.


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