Internet of Things

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Internetof Things

Internetof Things

TheInternet of things (IoT) is a technological advancement that enablesintegration and accelerates efficiency and output. This papertherefore is in support of the integration directions of IoTsolutions. Most organizations for instance have many systems that aredesigned to process and output different results. Different peoplemanage them hence there is need to integrate them and form a completesystem that consumers can interact with easily(Oakhurst,2016).The Internet of things also creates that physical contact betweensystems, consumers and employees. The inception of smartphones hascreated a big difference but still, requires a lot of input from theusers.

Anotherexample of the usefulness of IoT is that the scramble for the marketis tense, and the implementation of the most convenient Internet ofthings methodologies is what creates the difference in success. Theintegration of data analytics within different systems to result inpreferences for stakeholders is an important aspect. It results inusers being fewer and the existence of a system that captivatesdifferent information to enable preference determination (Oakhurst,2016).Startups and established companies are all investing in the future oftechnology that is driving the market. To reduce costs and create newlines of revenues, the appreciation of the internet of things easesthe process and creates more confidence in consumers (Oakhurst,2016).

Insupport of the implementation of Internet of things, an example ofHilton hotels implementation of the integrated system offers it anupper edge over in the hotel industry. Hilton hotels have created avast attraction to a customer base through the ‘Hhonors’ app. Ithas functionalities including the digital key, to access otherproperty areas like the gym (Mehta,2017).The app has integrated smartphone check-ins including the request ofitems that the client requires. The revolution of the Internet ofthings is inevitable, and for companies to have the upper edge in thecompetition, they have to implement strategies for development.


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