Interview supplemental questions

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Interviewsupplemental questions

Interviewsupplemental questions

Myanalytical experience

Asa contract analyst in procurement with Florida Department ofTransportation, my primary objectives were to leverage thedepartment’s buying power, provide an efficient and bettermanagement of suppliers and minimize operation costs in theprocurement process. To realize these objectives, there was the needto collect critical data whose analysis could provide trustworthyinformation to support decision making. Under my leadership, weinitiated a spend analysis approach to collect all expenditure datawithin the organization from different sources. The e-procurementsystem and purchase cards provided data for analysis. The spendanalysis approach allowed us to analyze the past, current andforecasted expenditures and provided visibility of data based onservices, products, suppliers and individual departments. As aresult, the organization was able to establish an automated andrepeated process of data analysis and easy retrieval of informationthat could support decision making in the procurement process. Thespend analysis automated system also enhanced integration with othersystems thus improved data collection and intelligence sharing. Also,my responsibilities at the Town of Southwest Ranches as an internadministrator involved making simple and inexpensive financialdecisions. In this case, I used cost-benefit analysis approach toevaluate strengths and weaknesses of alternative decisions. As aresult, the organization was able to operate at minimum costs andrealized maximum benefits of decisions made.

Mybudget experience

Myexperience at Health Center of Coconut Creek as an assistant businessoffice manager involved administrative duties. I was tasked withmonitoring and administering budgetary allocations to ensure businessprograms and processes were effectively financed and supported basedon budget allocations. As a business office manager, I worked withtraining and educational program budget. For instance, as a programcoordinator and employee trainer, I ensured these activities wereconducted within allocated budgets while achieving their intendedgoals. With all administrative duties, I established efficientpolicies and procedures that ensured full accountability of everyresource spent in the organizations. Through my involvement in budgetadministration and monitoring, financial control policies werestrictly implemented leading to efficient and minimal expenditure.The projects were successfully implemented within the budget and noextra costs incurred.