Job Analysis for a Commercial Pilot Student`s

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JobAnalysis for a Commercial Pilot

JobAnalysis for a Commercial Pilot

Pastsurveys on the causes of air crashes have shown that over 70 percentof air accidents are caused by human errors rather than weather andequipment failures as most people tend to think. Most of these humanerrors are the results of poor leadership, a decision made frominsufficient information, and lack of team coordination. The abovehave prompted the development of novel types of psychologicaltraining that all flight crew members have to undergo. Commonly knownas the crew resource management (CRW), the training concentrates onimproving leadership skills, decision-making, and communicationbetween the flight`s crews (&quotSafer Air Travel through CrewResource Management,&quot 2017). This research paper discusses thejob analysis for a commercial pilot by evaluating the variouspsychological tests necessary for hiring the pilots and legal andethical concerns that should be considered in the process.

JobAnalysis Methods

Jobanalysis can be carried out in a variety of methods including the useof questionnaires, interviews, and observational techniques. Thiscase study utilizes the observational method that is commonly knownas the line operations safety audit (LOSA) that is effective whileanalyzing the performance of workers in the aviation industry. Thisjob analysis technique makes use of the observation method since thetechnique effectively provides sufficient information on potentialthreats that aircrew members would face and mitigation measures ofsuch threats. When compared to other job analysis techniques theobservation method is more preferable. For example, the use ofquestionnaire would fail to provide appropriate observational processhence little information that is necessary for analysis of jobperformance of commercial pilots. The observation method allows theperson conducting the analysis to watch the activities of the pilotskeenly and how they operate and move equipment (National Center forO*NET Development, 2017). The method allows collection of first-handinformation with the addition of visual impression making theinformation collected more reliable.

Otherjob analysis methods such as the use of questionnaires and interviewsmay provide unreliable information. For instance, in the twotechniques mentioned the pilot being analyzed might give falseinformation to boost their curriculum vitae. On the other hand, theobservation method is a reliable source of information, simple tooversee, cost effective, and consumes little time. It is alsoimportant to note that the method provides first-hand informationthus has limited chance for bias or information distortion. Thoughthe observation method is considered to be more efficient than theother two, it still presents some challenges such distortion ofinformation since the worker is pre-informed and the technique mayinfluence the output of employees (National Center for O*NETDevelopment, 2017).


Psychologicaltesting is meant for assessing and evaluating information, and thetests are presented as questions that one has to answer. The securityof the copies of the tests and answers must be maintained thatrequires all individuals conducting the assessments to observeethical conducts. The first test is the aptitude and achievement testthat in the case of a commercial pilot will measure their ability touse the knowledge they possess on flight management and controlsystem and their capacity to master the working of special equipment.The commercial pilot should have adequate information on things suchas routes, operating controls, and starting engines. Additionally,the pilot should be able to evaluate the functions of the systems ofthe airplane during flight and assess the airport altitudes, planeweight, and wind speeds among other. Conducting a speed test is alsocritical and illustrates whether a pilot can perform under pressurewhile a cognitive ability test offers sufficient information to theorganization. The cognitive ability test helps in determining whetherthe candidate can think fast and quickly process data duringemergency cases (Spector, 2012).

Performancetest while hiring a commercial pilot is important in that it aids inknowing whether the pilot has enough experience necessary foroperating the plane safely without posing any threat to the lives ofother employees and passengers (Spector, 2012). Another test is theintelligence test that tries to measure the intelligence level of thecommercial pilot by assessing the ability of the pilot to understandand assimilate functions through application of the knowledge thatone possesses. Such test will measure the ability of the pilot toswiftly and constantly fine-tune the controls and also their abilityfor far and near vision (Spector, 2012). Lastly, another importanttest is the personality test that determines the personality stylesof the commercial pilot

Legaland Ethical Concerns an Organization should Consider When HiringCommercial Pilots

Whenhiring commercial pilots, there are many legal and ethical concernsthat organizations should consider. The priority that theseorganizations should consider most is the transportation of thepassengers safely to their destinations by air. One of the mostimportant ethical responsibilities of these organizations is thesafety of the passenger on board and also the safety of theemployees. When assessing the right candidate for a commercial pilotposition, the agency should consider such factors of the safety ofthe both passengers and staff. On top of the safety factor, themembers of the crew are expected to maintain high levels of privacy,and the company should also ensure any information about theemployees and the passengers is kept confidential (Spector, 2012).The legal requirements to be considered include the certificate ofqualification of the pilots to be hired, and also the trainees shouldnot have criminal records that may threaten the safety of thepassengers and other employees.

PerformanceMethods Suitable for Commercial Pilot Job

Incorporatingdifferent performance appraisal methods for the commercial pilot jobis important. The performance methods (through the objective measure)will record different events such as accidents, incidents,absenteeism, and every worker’s tardiness. Such information is ofgreat assistance when it comes to recognizing the performance ofdifferent employees. Another performance method is the subjectivemeasure that due to the fact the supervisor works closely with theindividual employee one can get insight on a regular basis and thushave their opinion on the performance of employees. The last methodis the 360-degree response that is preferred since it reduces thechance of biased feedback that the supervisor may give (Spector,2012).


Insummary, conducting job analysis can be undertaken in several waysthat are beneficial to the company. Psychological tests play a majorrole in informing recruiters on the right person for the job andthere some psychological tests such as intelligence tests andcognitive tests. Legal and ethical concerns play a major role in theoverall performance of any organization, and for the case of thecommercial airline, they are important in ensuring the safety ofemployees and passengers. Lastly, performance appraisal can beconducted in different ways, and a combination of more than onemethod would provide the best option.


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