Job Application Assignment

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JobApplication Assignment


27Shainda Way, King Jersy, N.S.B3A 4MG


[email protected]

March16, 2017

ChiefExecutive Officer


8861,SE-402 72 Gothenburg, Sweden.

DearMr. Alex Myers

Iam writing to apply for the position of Associate Marketing Manageradvertised on March 14, 2017 via the Career012 website. Kindly findenclosed my CV and academic certificates.

Mydegree course and the nature of my current job have adequatelyprepared me for this position. On a daily basis, I have been involvedextensively in the expansion and implementation of tactical andstrategic marketing plans to ensure rapid sales of my company bothlocally and on the international scene. I believe I have gainedenough experience over the last four years that I have worked withcross-functional teams as well as interacted with internal andexternal customers to push our brand. Perhaps one of the mostdefining moments of my career have been the challenge to developlocalized marketing initiatives and foster program effectiveness thatis key in the overall penetration of product line.

Iam a fast and accurate writer. Throughout my previous positions, Ihave demonstrated that I have a very keen eye for detail. Marketreporting has always been my passion hence the confidence andwillingness to take up the responsibilities of an Associate MarketingManager at your company.

Thankyou taking time to go through this application. I am looking forwardto hearing from you in the new future.




of qualification

  • Three years’ experience working as a strategic and tactical marketing planner

  • Two years’ experience in developing localized marketing initiative and effective market penetration strategies

  • Familiar with scheduling human and material resource in respect to tight budgets and strict timelines

  • Very efficient in working together with cross-functional teams to ensure that the needs, desires and expectations of both internal and international customer are met

  • Learned and grasped the concept of international marketing as a trainee


September,2015 – Present

School:Harvard University, Master’s in Marketing

Detail:Studying the fundamentals of business in the current fast movingenvironment. The program is very informative especially inidentifying and grasping current market trends and issues regardingfinancial management, operational management and marketing.


Date:July, 2013 – Present

Jobtitle:Marketing Manager at Parapet Inc.

Detail:Iam tasked with helping develop and overseeing the execution ofstrategic and tactical marketing plans aimed at driving rapid salesboth locally and internationally.

Date:December, 2011 – May, 2013

Jobtitle: SalesManager at Orion Limited

Detail:Iwas responsible for assigning sales territories, setting sales goalsand guiding and supporting the sales team to achieve the targets. Itwas also within my jurisdiction to establish training needs andprograms for all sales representatives.

Capabilityand skills

Communicationskills– I have the ability to maintain healthy conversations with bothjuniors and senior employees in my company

Problemsolving skills– I am gifted in not only identifying but also in helping craftingtailor made solutions to each unique problem.

Computerskills– I am well knowledgeable about the computer as an important toolthat enhances individual productivity

Languageskills– I can fluently speak three international languages English andFrench and Spanish.

Awardsand activities

  • Orion Limited employee of the year 2012

  • Parapet’s best innovation 2016


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