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JobDescription Paper

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The success of an organization is dependent on various factors suchas capital, management, employees, and resources. Perhaps thegreatest component concerns human resources. Different professionalsare needed to fulfill organizational duties. The management candetermine the labor needs of an institution depending on the scope ofwork (Youssef-Morgan, 2015). Remuneration policies are also enactedto provide due compensation for services rendered. In this paper, Iwill highlight the skills, qualifications, tasks, and educationalrequirements of a person aspiring to become an office manager.


Office managers are responsible for facilitating the daily affairs ofan organization. In many instances, they may be required to oversee ateam of support or administrative staff. Office managers performseveral tasks such as booking accommodation and transport. Theyorganize for both internal and external meetings. In this regard,they ensure that the room is clean and conducive for the meeting.Office managers manage employee and client databases to ensure properdocumentation. They also organize conferences and other companyevents designed to address important issues (Youssef-Morgan, 2015).Office managers order furniture and stationers by ensuring that allstaff members have adequate access to company resources.

Furthermore, office managers handle correspondence sent to theorganization. They also prepare and send letters to otherorganizations. It is important to maintain accurate records of allthe facilities and resources owned by the firm. Employees and otherpeople usually post queries on a variety of subjects. Complaints mayalso be filed against certain procedures and actions. Office managershandle all queries and complaints as they represent the organization.In addition, they prepare reports and presentations that are used indecision-making. Boards of Directors and corporate managers requireinput from office managers before determining purchasing strategies.

Office managers oversee the organization’s expenditure based on apredetermined budget. Hence, they prevent the company fromoverspending on non-essential items. Office managers liaise withclient, suppliers, and other staff members. Suppliers providequotations for items used within the office. On the other hand,clients make appointments with the persons in top management(Youssef-Morgan, 2015). Office managers coordinate such meetings toensure punctuality and diligence. Besides, they ensure properdelegation of tasks depending on the skills and capabilities of theirsubordinates. Office managers implement administrative systems thatensure the smooth running of the organization.

New employees usually require extensive orientation before adaptingto the office environment. In this respect, office managers performinduction initiatives designed to educate new staff members on theorganizational culture. Acclimatization contributes to an efficientfulfillment of the company’s objectives. Employees require to beeducated about the procedures to be followed in case of emergencies.Office managers ensure that all staff members are aware of anychanges made to organizational policies and standards. In addition,they attend meetings with senior members of the management unit.Office managers maintain accurate personnel records and arrangeinterviews with potential employees. Hence, they enable anorganization to fulfill its stated objectives.

Toolsand Technology

Office managers utilize various software packages to update thefirm’s health and safety programs. In this regard, they need aspacious office equipped with a functional computer. Hence, officemanagers need to have extensive understanding of software programs.Maintaining accurate personnel records requires a high level oforganization and orderliness.


An office manager must possess knowledge of office processes andprocedures. It is also prudent to know the total number of employeesin an organization. Hence, the office manager can maintain accuraterecords of all staff members. Besides, office managers must be awareof the facilities owned by the firm.

Skillsand Abilities

An office manager must possess particular abilities and skills suchas reporting, inventory management, supervision, and staffing. Otherskills include supply management, managing processes, developingstandards, and tracking budget expenses. Communication skills arealso required to establish and maintain links with otherorganizations.


Office managers must possess have a degree from a reputableinstitution. Besides, they need extensive professional experience incustomer service, purchasing, ordering supplies, facilitiesmaintenance, and office machinery.

Methodsof Assessment

The organization could evaluate the application forms and CVssubmitted by prospective office managers. The request forapplications could be placed in local newspapers with a widereadership (Nikolaou &amp Oostrom, 2015). Prospective applicantscould also be contacted using radio and TV advertisements.

Besides, the organization can use face-to-face interviews to selectqualified office managers. Applicants could be asked to report at theorganization’s premises for extended interviews (Nikolaou &ampOostrom, 2015). In this regard, a panel of senior managers would beused to conduct the interviews of each candidate.

Suitabilityof the Methods

Applicant forms and CVs are appropriate since they attract to have alarge pool of prospective personnel. The organization can use therelative depths of the CVs to rank applicants and eliminate others(Nikolaou &amp Oostrom, 2015). Furthermore, stated references can becontacted to provide additional information on the person’ssuitability. On the other hand, face-to-face interviews are propersince they allow the organization to test the practical skills ofpotential office managers (Nikolaou &amp Oostrom, 2015). The firmcan also examine use the interviews to create shortlists. Interviewsare also useful for obtaining clarifications or other requiredinformation.


Indeed, office managers must possess specific skills, academicqualifications, and experience to enable them to fulfill assignedtasks. Organizations need office managers to ensure smooth running.In this regard, a firm can use face-to-face interviews and requestfor CVs when selecting qualified personnel. Such methods allow theorganization to rank applicants based on skills, experience, andabilities.


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