Journal #6 Question 8

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Journal#6: Question 8

Islam:What the West Needs to Knowis a documentary type of film. It was developed in 2006 by theQuixotic Media. The main focus of the film is the Islamic religionand its influence on violence towards people who do not practice thefaith. The paper explains the key arguments illustrated in the filmand the main contradictions and arguments of the Islamic faith.

Thedocumentary presents important arguments about Islam. The religion ispresented as violent and motivated by the sole objective of achievingworld domination. Islam recognizes one God, Allah, and ProphetMuhammad. The Prophet’s teachings and conduct were violent toinfluence support for Islam. The Holy War, Jihad,is a tool used to enhance the domination of Islamic rule worldwide.The Islamic law controls all aspects of the society for example,political process, religious beliefs, and personal conduct(TheShadowFX). It introduces totalitarianism in the society to ensurethat people adhere to Islamic teachings.

Thefilm shows key contradictions and inconsistencies of Islam. The filmshows contradiction because Islam is promoted as a religion of peacein the western world. However, the actions of Muslims are consideredviolent. Osama bin Laden is a notable Muslim millionaire whoorganized and sponsored terror attacks on western interests globallyfor example, the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in the UnitedStates. There is inconsistency in the way Islam religion attractsfollowers. The Taqqiyaprinciple of Islam encourages adherents to deceive or lie tonon-Muslims to enhance teachings and gain followers (TheShadowFX).

Thedocumentary film has presented a critique of the Islamic religion. Inthe current global environment, Islamic leaders should strive tohinder violent teachings and conduct among its members. More Islamicfollowers can be obtained through enhancing peace and human rightsworldwide.


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