Journal#4 Question 8

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Journal#4:Question 8

The class system theory asserts that the capitalists are the ownersof the means of productions and they are known to use inappropriatemeans of maximizing their profits. This essay will use the “Iraqfor Sale: The War Profiteers” documentary to reveal how the privatecontractors exploited their workers while risking their lives.

The private contractors did not take their work seriously and exposedtheir employees to dangerous conditions just because they were savingfunds. Most of these companies such as the Blackwater, CACI, andTitan were clearly asking for larger amounts of cash while providingsubstandard services (Greenwald). In fact, the class system theoryproves that most of the capitalists tend to focus on the profitswhile the employees are exposed to risky working conditions(Hartung). For instance, the drivers were forced to move intodangerous zones, yet, they did not have security personnel or eventhe armored vehicles to protect them from the bombs and bullets.

Other theorists can respond to their critique in multiple ways thatwill still reveal how the employees are exposed to variouschallenges. For instance, Max Weber reveals that the privatecontractors are more powerful, and they are the ones that create theinstructions that the poor employees have to respect (Exposed: TheCarlyle Group). Furthermore, Ralph Dahrendorf is another theoristthat looked at authority as something that separated the differentsocial classes. In this case, he believes that the wealthy peopleseem to have a higher authority and they will most certainly use thatin exploiting the poor individuals.

In conclusion, the documentary showed that the private contractorswere willing to use their employees for selfish interests. The classsystem theory proves that the capitalists are often focused ongetting more profits while undermining the employees. Other theoristssuch as Weber and Dahrendorf also illustrate how the wealthy peopletend to exploit the poor ones.

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