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Fovad Oveisy

Writing 39B

27 March 2017

Rip Presentation

The medium selected for the project was an open source program as amodel of artificial intelligence that gives the opportunity topredict prices in the stock market. The medium was selected on thegrounds of intensive human dependence on computers in the modernbusiness environment. Considering that it is quite challenging tomake predict prices, my project offers a shorter and more accuratestrategy that investors, analysts, and stakeholders can utilize. Iintend to pursue a career in the field of software development and,in this regard, the successful completion of the project will be amajor milestone in building my career. The creation of computersoftware and programs will continue to become a critical aspect oftechnological innovation, which implies that the gradual accumulationof experience in the field will be important (Hazzan, Lapidot andRagonis 242). In this regard, my project provides much experience,especially in financial programs.

Three stages of the program have been completed. First was theidentification of different approaches that can be applied in thecreation of a program that can achieve the underlying purpose. Thesecond stage was the technical documentation and evaluation of theidentified approaches that involved the recognition and definition offunctions critical in data sourcing, assigning, conversion, andindexing. Data requirements and processes were also analyzed using asystematic approach. It was important to consider the dependenciesapplicable in the program, especially with regard to the collectionof datasets. The third step was running the program using thefunction documentation, which was followed by the evaluation of theresults. From the outcome assessment, it was clear that thefunctional components of the program were operating as initiallyexpected.

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