Knowledge of the Offered Interior Design Program

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Knowledgeof the Offered Interior Design Program

Knowledgeof the Offered Interior Design Program

Theprogram provides insight into developing internal surroundings withinthe framework of specialized interior design practice and standards.It highlights building systems, presentation, space management orplanning, technical applications, and documentation. The paperdefines my knowledge of the interior design course offered by HumberCollege, my understanding of the profession, and the way it differsfrom decoration.

According to Humber College(2017a), the program matches ingenious or applied problem elucidationwith current concepts, technology, research, and evolving issues. Itallows students to engage in practical science courses and liberalarts hence, allowing them to acquire specialized practice insight,evidence-based process, and presentation abilities. In this regard, Iunderstand the program as one that will inculcate technical orcreative solutions in learners. Furthermore, it enables one tosynchronize with social or physical contexts of projects. The coursepermits students to interact with professionals from the designsector across the world, gain insight into building or planningpractices, and comprehend best practices in large-scale projects(Humber College, 2017a).On the other hand, my comprehension of the program is relativelyextensive and extends to making selections based on people’sperception, environments, acoustic properties, electricityrequirements, usage, and materials. Moreover, I have the knowledge ofinteracting with clients as well as assessing or meeting qualitystandards, promotion of products and services, relevant regulations,procedures, or equipment, and awareness of designing tools,techniques, blueprints, models, and drawings.

The program differs from interiordecoration in that it involves the comprehension of individuals’behavior in a bid to create functional spaces in buildings whileadornment only deals with decoration. This means that decoratorsbeautify or furnish spaces based on industry practices or experience(Humber College, 2017b). On the other hand, design apply practicaland imaginative solutions to structures to offer quality, functional,beneficial, and appealing finishing.

Conclusively,interior design encompasses the adherence to regulatory contexts andcodes in attaining environment sustainability. The profession followsa synchronized and methodical process, for example, creative process,technology, research, and integration of awareness in developing andcreating exquisite interior finishing that exceeds clients’ needs.


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