Last Man Standing Politics Texas Style

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LastMan Standing: Politics Texas Style


LastMan Standing: Politics Texas Style


Inthe year 2002, the Texas election of the representative of the statewas a very tough race as explained by the movie. Rick Green was arepresentation of a conservative front, who used the Bible and otherGodly sayings to sway his voters. Green used to campaign togetherwith his family in various churches and at several religious events.Even though he seemed a religious man, Green had a bad attitude andhuge hatred towards Rose Patrick, his opponent. He used to speak verypoorly on Rose and even went as far as expressing his desire to punchhim. His character left people questioning his religious andconservative dedications.

Onthe other hand, Patrick Rose was poorer as compared to Green. Rosespent most of his time having several talks with the public, tryingto get the public to help him through sponsoring his campaign andmanaging his ‘small’ money. Due to the fact that Rose had neverserved in any political office like his opponent, he really struggledto get his name known by the public. He used various terms about Godbut more personal as compared to the religious roar of Green. Greenhad held a political office before and therefore, he was well knownby the public. Rose, on the other hand, was young and fresh and hecould communicate with the large population of Hispanic speakers.Green used to point out at the inexperienced nature of Rose but hewas also not that perfect since he engaged in various financial dealsthat were not kosher and Rose explained such deals to the publicwithout even attacking Green he did this through an informativemanner.

Inthe race for the governorship, Perry defeated the democrat candidateTony Sanchez as the governor of Texas. These two individuals engagedin political fights throughout Texas. While conducting theirpolitics, Perry even accused Sanchez of feeling good after realizingthat the federal authorities discovered drug money is in his account.Sanchez responded to Perry by asking him why he was bragging abouthaving experience and being a professional politician yet Texas had alot of problems. Tony even questioned whether Rick is fit to serve asa governor being that he has been in the politics for seventeen yearsbut there are still several problems in Texas.


Rosewon the House race for the Texas State. Rose was a real workhorse whoknew about legislation compared to his competitor Green. Even thoughGreen traveled widely and preached the gospel to the public, Rose wasjust convincing the public with what he wanted to offer them. Henever even engaged in public insults like his opponent and challengerGreen. Although both candidates engaged and relied upon theorganization of grassroots, Rose was more successful in it and gainedmore popularity, which finally won him votes as compared to hiscompetitor Green. He even went as far as visiting homes and goingdoor-to-door just to convince the people of Texas why they shouldvote for him. Rose’s hard work of visiting people and going even tothe Latin community finally paid off and he won the House raceposition of Texas (Kraemer, Newell and Prindle, 2013).

Thecampaign of both parties played a very important role in the ‘winnersand losers’ tag. The hard work of Rose together with his Democratparty really paid off. Both the political parties in Texas can reallyimprove after realizing that worldviews and demographics are actuallyimportant in any election and campaign (Kraemer et al., 2013). Thetwo parties should also understand that the organization of thegrassroots is very crucial especially in the politics of Texas State.Finally, the political parties must know that image management andcampaign strategies are actually very critical in any campaign andelection. All in all, Rose emerged the winner of the House racebecause he executed the above-mentioned political strategies of thecampaign well. He never left anything to chance.


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