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Loveis one of the primary sources that move the world, narratives andplays are not an exception. However, they vary greatly in formattingand figurative language that would be evaluated. Due to this fact,the rhetoric figures used in plays or rather poems will bring in themuch-needed insights thoughts of the arguments presented and authorsdepiction of love they want to support. One of the major function oflove is to energize motivation than getting to harmful things. Lovecan be depicted in multiple situations to represent distinctemotions romantic, familial, friendly, or religious. Emotions gotevolved in order to encourage us to do basically what is important tous regardless of our thoughts. Romantic love evolved and therefore itis argued that men and women should form pair-bonds.

Evolutionarypsychologist Estwick claimed recently in the article “Beyond thethe Pleistocene: using phylogeny and constraint to inform theevolutionary psychology of human mating” that a special solutionwas needed for rapid transformation of the evolutionary system (Aromantic love and adult attachment).The evolution of these speciallove progressed along. As the brains of human grew, also the parentalcare needed most and these led to the more bi-parental care whichprompts the child to grow successfully. A natural way had to come inorder in place so as to pave way for continuity of love or rathertogetherness among men and women. Therefore in order to foster a longlasting emotional love and social bonds in between the males andfemales, there was tinkering of not only the brains of apes but totheir bodies too. Therefore, this essays tends to expound on thedepiction of love in the “The Love Suicides at Amijama”, byDonald Keane.

Romanticlove is depicted in several scenes in Moliere’s Tartuffe. It isevident that love is very complicated with clearly defined boundarieswhich are frequently portrayed in the play. Romantic love is adaptedto express notions that qualify romantic love as complicated. Forinstance, romantic love can be termed as unconditional. At one pointin the play, Tartuffe fell in love with Elmire without anyconsideration of the fact that she already had a husband (239).Basing on this scene, it, therefore, implies that one loves someonefor who they are, without considering appearance, changes inpersonality or even through thick and thin. Tartuffe was willing tocounter anything that could hinder their love even if it meant heavenby stating that he could remove that hindrance in a hurry (252).Also, love tends in involving knowledge and certainty in that when aperson is in love they never have a doubt on its validity and it istherefore viewed as involving knowledge and certainty.

Loveis static in that whenever people fall in love it lasts forever. Thisrenders romantic love to be considered as inherently valuable. Basingon reality, the constitution of romantic love is less clear in thatlove is not static but dynamic. Loving people fails to come to therealization that they are in love which makes a romantic relationshipto be full of doubt. Someone in a romantic relationship can be adoredin a certain period and can be despised next, this means that lovecan change in relatively short period. For example, in scene IIITartuffe told Elmire that she became his soul’s unequaled queen andthat beforehand her seraph glimpse, exquisitely fragrant, his heartpounded in setback (240). Also, a love of blissful magnificence doesnot prohibit a rightful love for conceivable pulchritude our sagacityare precisely enthralled. Further sentiments were a clear depictionof romantic love ushered by Tartuffe to Elmire throughout scene IIIthus giving differing feelings and emotions of what love truly meansin people lives.

Peopleget variable experiences of romantic love which often contradicts theidealized notions in that by exploring loves dynamic nature, playscounteracts idealized notions of this romantic love. Furthermore,there is no way love can be assumed to be inherently valuable. InMoliere’s play, Elmire at one point tries to moderate or ratheravoid Tartuffe extent of pursuit to romantic love though in one wayshe had the same notion of love for Tartuffe (251). Therefore thisscene shows a retrospective suggestion that there is no differencebetween romantic love and evolutionary and biologically motivatedcoupling of wild animals. What drives animals to get into mating tobear their offspring is the same criterion which too drives humanbeings to get into a romantic relationship which therefore provesthat love is not a beautiful human phenomenon, but a primitiveexpression of animal drives.

Individualslove their kins consistently more than those they descent in lovewith so much kindness, even though their hubbies tends to be thevilest thing ever they have in their lives. Within the family,commitment and devotion to one another even when matched with rage ordistress regardless of how it is defined all are cherished. Orgon onthe drama Tartuffe expressed unending love to Elmire to an extent ofconfronting her daughter even though they had a familial love. At onepoint, Orgon tries to explain issues of the wedding to Elmire andinforms her that she should not move first but rather restraint fromissues of relationships (254). That made them understand thesituation they were in even at points of complications. Partnersmaintain connections irrespective of how they have come from or whomthey were before. This helps differentiate how these severalhousehold members are connected and are well-defined in expressionsof relations marital affairs and kids. There is a discrepancyamongst children of genetic birth and adoption, but these does notinevitably stand ground to show the alteration amongst the kinds ofchildren so long as it demonstrates the extent to which the arms ofthe family spread through the kids. “I am sorry to have treated youso slyly but circumstances forced me to be so wily,” Orgon said.This shows how familial love goes superseded character or earthlychallenges in life.

Friendlylove is depicted also in various scenes where a friend demonstratesfactual concern in every endeavor you do be it negative or positive.It can further be seen where a friend stands firmly on scenarioswhere one is traumatized and makes a lot of sacrifices withoutconsidering who will intimidate you. Most hateful people wishes andmakes full attempts to say a friend to get into painful scenarios inwhich may be they have once got into and therefore they develop thatbitterness of making sure they do not let themselves fall into thetrap alone but with their friends. For instance, Dorine is shownfriendly love when her friends try to offer a critical analysis ofher expectations on matters love given that her parents had planned arather direct route to her marriage. As an audience, the kind-heartedtrickeries which are identified by Donne’s imaginary adversary ofactivities of life with vague matters of life.

sothat they are sometimes willing The role of love is depicted in humanfreedom where human beings lives seem to be better when they loveeach other. Clearly, there is much more to be said here, variousscenes in Moliere play show crucial matters played by love. As a wayof making things important in these several ways, they profile one’sreasoning and inspirations temporarily on behalf of things peopletend to see as of great value in life in that they are mostly in aposition to lose their own comforts in exchange to what we love. Tothe readers, Love hence bears significantly on their agency in amanner that aids describe and figure it as specifically human.However, what can be seen in this particular play suggest anotherform of love, that can be said to call the love of humankind,therefore, it is central to one’s agency in distinct ways thattolerate unswervingly on our freedom and obligation.

Institutionsof marriage arise out of love. It is rather scary when making acommitment to stay with another person for the rest of life but loveplays a major significance in this case. There is a timesdisagreement about various things in the family like family issues,friends but with love one is sure of enduring anything or rather anychallenge. Marriage is many things in Tartuffe, it can be seen invarious acts by Orgon when she tries to explain its benefits to herdaughter. These alliances arise out love but these instances arehampered all over the play. We are told of how important marriage istaken and can cost anyone dearly if committed without the essence oflove. Also in the family, there are issues of children which maybring disagreements about how to handle them. Therefore, in manyaspects, love is the one that makes couples to be together all thetime in that it helps in tolerating, overlooking and forgiving anyencounters of institutions of marriage.

Relatedness tend to counteract in other hand to form bondage which implies thatyou are not free and you have a duty, the spirit of bondage is depicted in various scenes like abiding by what entails to familyeven if you do not like it, therefore by demonstrating such virtues,it depicts a clear picture of love which strengthens bond or therelatedness. According to Moliere’s drama, Moraine depicted a kindof love since she was very obedient to her parents even though shewas a perfect young woman of the time.When her father proposed to herto leave the man she loves most so that she could marry the man ofher father`s choice, she never went against. Even though some of hercolleague Dorine intervened and suggest that she should argue withher father but she opposed of which she later got married to the manshe loves most but only after 0the intervention of her friends.


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