Latino Studies

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Americanpolitics have been defined by citizen membership and support to thetwo major parties in the nation, the conservative Republican Partyand the liberally inclined Democratic Party. While both parties haveenjoyed favorable support in the nation, their popularity in certaindemographics has varied extensively. For instance, among the Latinos,the Democratic Party has received more support owing to theRepublican Party’s rigid stance on immigration. Despite the factthat the Republican candidate in last year’s election adopted anaggressive attitude towards immigration, the party still remainedpopular as its values resonate with those of some Latinos. I thinkthat despite immigration, some Latinos are more inclined to supportthe Republican Party due to their shared conservative approachestowards family and religion.

Accordingto Asma Khalid, the belief that Latinos will never vote for aRepublican is just a myth since the party represents some of thevalues that reflect on critical Latino lifestyles such asconservatism, religion, and family. In the article, an intervieweestates that during the last election, voting for Trump was not aboutthe candidate or party loyalty, but it was about re instating lostChristian and family values (Khalid 2). While the Democratic Party ismore accepting to immigrants, it has been liberal on most issues andthis has had the effect of ensuring that the harsh Republican stanceon immigration is not necessarily a deal breaker. To most immigrants,the fact that the Republican Party supports family values, andhighlights the importance of religious values trumps the newapproaches to immigration. In the end, these essential Republicanviewpoints makes it a better option compared to the Democratic Party.

Ultimately,while the Republicans plan to introduce bills that might affect thestatus of immigrants, these issues are not as critical as politicalcritics suggest and the media propose. The Republican Party, to mostAmericans and immigrants alike, aims to uphold the long heldtraditional values on religion and family that the Democrats haveutterly ignored. Furthermore, while Trump’s sensitive and sometimes‘reckless’ stances on immigrants made the headlines, mostAmericans consider the party’s path as the right way to achieveprogress in America.


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