Leadership and Creativity

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Leadershipand Creativity

Leadershipand Creativity

  1. How do Abfalter’s Recurrent Themes help us as consultants?

Accordingto Abfalter, every business sector faces the challenge of leadershipand creativity. This is because leaders still do not have the answeron how to lead a team of experts in an effective manner. As aconsultant, the themes are very vital because they help to elaborateon the insight on how leadership affects the effectiveness of a teamof experts and the association between them (Rego,Sousa, Marques &amp e Cunha, 2014).For instance, the theme of success and leadership shows that a leaderinfluences the motivation and success of the team.

  1. What is problematic about Rhee &amp Sigler model?

Oneof the problems associated with the model is its concentration onlearning while forgoing performance, yet performance is also asvital. Despite the fact that it builds on teamwork, the model forgetsthat the end product of team work should be good performance(Herrmann &amp Felfe, 2014). Moreover, even though it is importantto learn, both learning and performance need to be emphasized.

  1. How can we tease out traumatized organizations from chaotic ones?

Oneof the ways to tease our traumatized organization is by looking atthe influence. This is because the organizations are affected in thesame way just as a person is affected by trauma. These effectsmanifest in form of organizational culture with other firm seen asattempting to change the negative things within the society (Ma,Cheng, Ribbens &amp Zhou, 2013).The chaotic establishments have non-performing programs whiletraumatized organizations have a culture of change within thesociety.

  1. Is there any connection between the work that you do and the work of the people in the unusual jobs slides chosen this week?

Theonly connection between the two jobs is that one can quit them anyday to look for others upon getting bored. The openness of the twojobs is a weak connection, and nothing else connects them since theunusual jobs are not as inspiring as the jobs that we do. Unusualjobs are not inspiring and the pay is the only motivating aspect ofit (Byun, Dai, Lee, &amp Kang, 2016).


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