Leadership Assignment 1

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LeadershipAssignment 1

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LeadershipAssignment 1

Tobegin with, Sally’s case presents conflict as one of the dilemmasthat a leader in the field of nursing can face. Conflict arises whenmembers of a unit are not adapted to working together and sharedifferent expectations. Situational leadership theory applies in thiscase. The theory acknowledges that leadership in groups is not astatic circumstance (Huber, 2014, pg.12). According to this theory,the leader should have the ability to handle the situations at hand.During the first meeting, therefore, the nurse manager should conducta diagnostic exercise to assess the situation. She should note themotive of the conflict so as to decide on the best leadershipapproach to utilize in handling the situation.

Incases of conflict, the leader needs to attain a flexible character inorder to change their leadership style with the variations in thesituation at hand (Huber, 2014, pg. 12). In the case-study, it isevident that the techs show a passive-aggressive and subversivecharacter and believe that the meeting is unworthy. The nursemanager’s behavior in such a situation should, therefore, bedirective as put in the Fiedler’s Contingency Theory (Huber, 2014,pg. 12). He or she should be authoritative and use the task-orientedbehavior to prevent the group from collapse and ensure that everyonedoes their tasks.

Toconclude, Sally goes to the unit meeting with hopes that there willbe a solution to the problem between the nurses and the techs. Sheis, however, unwilling to take the task given to her. The leadershould, therefore, use selling, convincing, motivating, andencouraging strategies as shared by Huber (2014, pg. 12). The nursemanager should make Sally feel good about her ability to complete thetasks given and working in an appropriate manner. He or she shouldalso remind her of the great job she has been doing and that it issuch that made her noticed.


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