Leadership Changes

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Howour influence changes as leaders depend on the impact that leadershave on the followers or those they serve. When leader’s newconcepts and ideas change the followers positively, the leadersinfluence increases (Bell, 2014), and when the ideas are negativelyreceived the influence diminishes.

Yes,there are aspects of the theology of leadership that is moreeffective in one set of circumstances than another. For example,treating all genders equally even in a society where gender biasexists. Circumstances and environment change and are dynamic and,therefore, leaders have to weigh the aspects of theology leadershipthat suit the particular environment that would result in morepositive impact.

Beingin the midst of a change process alters our way of leading by stayingfocused and committed to the change process even when experiencingdifficulties. It is because change process s is not an event but acourse, hence, when in the midst of leading, leaders become rigid andstay focused even when there are delays in the outcome of the processin not complete. It does.


Mytheology of leadership is leadership as a servant.

A.My theology of leadership has affected my approach towardsdissertation and research by providing the philosophy and roles thatleader in the process would have with the unity of education purposeglobally. I will construct different approaches in which the leadersacross the world can follow and use. It is because of the unique anddiversified interests in the Christian world but confined to theobjective.

BriefDescription of Abstract

Thepiece would try to explore the possible ways that the church andrelated Christian organizations can retake the position as theprimary influence within the world as was in the past. It wouldencourage Christians in the entire universe to rise and embracetransformation in the leadership by incorporating more innovativeways that would educate the leaders and followers on steps that theycan take to restore the Church as greatest influence in the world.

B.It has given me a broad spectrum that I can analyze and presentresearch. For example, it presents the element of flexibility thatwould allow new changes to be made from the status quo that canconform to the different expectations from the world. For example,the incorporating cultural elements in the different regions toinfluence change (Ledbetter, Banks &amp Pree, 2014). For instance,the diversified unity of purpose would embrace incorporating culturalelements among other measures to institute change, and implemented byprophetic leaders.


Theconcept will influence me as a researcher by giving direction on thedata and information to be gathered. It will help me specify andnarrow down the research to the concept that relates to my idea ofthe theology of leadership for further analysis. It is becausenarrowing down to a particular idea or concept in research processresults in quality data gathering and analysis leading to thesuccessful research process.


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